5 weeks pregnant

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daisyrach Fri 25-Apr-14 15:11:51

Hi all I have found out I am 5 weeks pregnent but 2 months ago I had an eptopic and had my left tube removed talking to my sister in all all my symptoms are looking good I get lots of cramping and discharge boobs are getting bigger but I keep getting a twinge and pulling sensation on my right had side and making me parinod any one else had similer experance xx

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addictedtosugar Fri 25-Apr-14 20:42:14

Congrtats on your bfp.
Have you spoken to the midwife yet? I got booked in for a scan at 6 weeks for both pregnancies post my ectopic pregnancy. It was standard procedure for any pregnancy post ectopic round here. Worth asking for a scan if its not offered routinely - I self referred to the early pregnancy unit with DS2, as midwife refused. EPU were horrified it had been refused, and booked me in straight away.
I was on constant symptom watch til I'd had that scan tho.
I would imagine your abdomen is still recovering from the surgery, so you may get twinges etc as thing move around a bit.
My two post ectopic boys are asleep upstairs at the moment.
Good Luck.

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