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Cycling with kids in England?

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GarryM Fri 04-Apr-14 19:57:30

Hi all! smile

Cycling, while on holiday, in England - the perfect family getaway or something that sends a shiver down your spine?

I'm doing a final-year uni project and I'd love to hear everyone's immediate reaction to the idea - is it the perfect way to spend quality time with children, are there too many obstacles (metaphorical and literal) to deal with, and does the weather make any difference?!

If you have 5-10 minutes to spare helping me out with a survey, I've made one here - - but I would equally appreciate hearing your thoughts and debate on here! I know I loved cycling as a kid - I'm sure that's not the same for everyone, though...

Littleturkish Fri 04-Apr-14 20:00:11

My daughter is too young for your survey, but we are going on a cycling holiday this summer- is there a reason you've only done 4-16?

GarryM Fri 04-Apr-14 20:05:16

Should work for all ages now - thanks for catching that one early, Littleturkish smile (you should be able to retake, if you'd be happy to!)

HiggsBosom Sat 05-Apr-14 21:33:03

had a few good biking holidays in England. esp. north Devon with kids. done your survey!!

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