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Can a child be chucked out of mainstream school

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TUTS1 Tue 01-Apr-14 11:30:32

Hiya Everyone ,
My son is in a mainstream school reception which is an academy by choice they have top results in the area and are very proud of their Stats . My Son has GDD His language and speech and understanding are that of a 3 year old he is just 5 years old he also has a short attention span .Although he is behind his peers he is continually improving . I am in the process of getting him statemented ( The school is already giving him 3 hours one to one so its just for legal reasons I want this done )it looks like this is going to happen after a lot of help from all the professionals involved . The last meeting I had with the Senco I was told that in the future I may have to think about a special school she made this seem like it wasnt something to worry about for now . But again today they are doing a form a CR2 or something . They have mentioned special school in it ! I obviously will check special schools out if that is where my son needs to be but I don't feel he needs to be in one or that we should be thinking about it at this moment in time my child is really happy where he is he loves his school and all his little friends . He has only just turend 5 years old and he is improving every day obviously not as quickly as other children his age . Can they by law chuck a child out of main stream ? They have been known to not accept a few kids with much worse special needs in the past . i thought by law a child could go to any school ? I am starting to get the feeling we will get a statemented and before I know it he will no longer be welcome . Does anyone have any advice on law or what level of problems a child need to have to be given a place ?

EmmaGellerGreen Tue 01-Apr-14 11:35:03

I am certainly not an expert on this but I am pretty sure that it has to v e your decision. It may be a good idea to repost in the special section and do look at the IPSEA website.

mummytime Tue 01-Apr-14 11:41:34

If you repost in the special needs section you will get more help quickly.

However you should also phone your local Parent Partnership they are funded by the LA and they can support you. The LA will not want your son in a special school unless necessary because they cost more, and there are not enough places in them for the children who really need them. However eventually you may decide this would be the best place, but that will be your decision when the time is right; and you may have to fight for it.

Wheresmysocks Tue 01-Apr-14 12:16:32

Good advice already.

Academies are generally difficult when it comes to dc with sns. Yes, they could ask you to move your dc. My ds was pernamently excluded from mainstream at 6. He has ASD.

My younger ds is 5 & on reduced hours at the school s request. He is waiting to be assessed for ASD.

As your probably realising, educational settings are very difficult to manage when you have dc with sns.

contact the organisations suggested especially IPSEA.

good luck!

mummytime Tue 01-Apr-14 14:34:06

Academies can't just ask you to remove your child. And if they exclude your child you need to ensure they have gone through all of the proper steps.

Not all schools are as bad with SN children, even academies!

mary21 Wed 02-Apr-14 15:44:09

Your child does have a right to a mainstream education. However in practice mainstream is not the right place for all children. Neither is special need school the right place for all children with special needs.
On hing many parents say is at S's there children have real friends and in that environment they are "normal". Also they aren't always fighting for what their child needs. However in mainstream there is typical children to model behaviour on.
Go and see what is availible.
If s s is not what feels right people like sossen can help you fight for what you think is is the right education for your child.
Also if this school isn't welcoming you maybe pleasently surprise how welcoming other mainstream schools are

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