Brighton self catering with LOs

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graysquirrel Thu 27-Mar-14 12:30:41

Good afternoon all.

I'm after some advice, sure you mummies would be able to help me.
I am planning on taking my hubby and two DDs to Brighton for a surprise break in June this year.
Hubby and I spent many a lovely short break in Brighton when we were young and free (and could drink and stay out all night and lie-in), but always stayed in lovely hotels on the seafront which obviously suited a couple very well.

Does anyone have any suggestions of family friendly accommodation either in Brighton itself, or perhaps something like a holiday park just outside but where it is easy to get to the main attractions/pier/seafront? Because of the age of my youngest we'd need to have self catering so guessing the park option may suit better.

Many thanks in advance.

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Trebla Sat 05-Apr-14 22:04:53

Hi, I have two small children and live in Brighton. Have you looked at campsites in the local area such as Blackberry Wood Farm and Woowoo. Not in Brighton but easy to get to in 25mins and lovely places to stay for all of the south downs area. I'm going away at the end of June for a week so you could stay at ours in return for feeding the cats!!!

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