Moving within a hour of Canary Wharf

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eurochick Mon 24-Mar-14 11:43:10

North Kent/Sevenoaks?

Have a look at train routes that pass through Lewisham (and so connect with the DLR).

Also, have you looked at this website?

caelbaas Mon 24-Mar-14 11:41:11

Hello All

DH and I want to make the move out of London but we're struggling a bit to know where to focus our search.

The driving need is to be within 1 mile (walk) of a station, not substantially more than 1hr commute to Canary Wharf.

We're lucky enough to have a decent housing budget and would like some acreage with a property. We're not talking an estate, just more than 1/2 acre would be idealsmile

Family and friends are scattered, schools we can be flexible around.

Any suggestions of nice towns with good communities that might tick the boxes? We'd be so grateful.

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