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Jinsei Mon 17-Mar-14 07:28:18

We usually go abroad for our summer holiday, but this year we're thinking of staying in the UK. I'm looking for some inspiration, really.

We probably can't go for longer than a week, as I can't get the time off work. Budget is around £1500 (excluding meals/spending money once we get there), but could push it up a bit for something really special. We're planning to go in mid-July.

There are 3 of us - me, DH and dd, who will be 9. DD has said that she would like to stay somewhere other than a hotel - she likes the idea of a log cabin (think she wants to be one of her Sylvanians!) but is open to suggestions. I quite fancy the idea of glamping, but not sure that DH would like it. He would hate proper camping!

We're not really the type of family to sit on the beach all holiday, though if we were near the coast, we might go for a day or something. We do enjoy walking, going to nice restaurants and visiting various places of interest. We've been really busy this year, so it would be nice to go somewhere we we can just relax - last year, we were happy to spend quite a bit of time at our hotel, reading, doing puzzles and just lounging around.

Does anyone have any recommendations about where we should go and where we should stay? I'm open to suggestions re location, but somewhere with lovely scenery would be nice!

BIWI Mon 17-Mar-14 07:31:28

This looks like an interesting site Might be something there for you!

Jinsei Mon 17-Mar-14 07:38:08

Ooh, thanks Biwi, that does look interesting! I'll take a look!

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