Wet weather plan for St Ives needed PLEASE....It looks like our whole week there will be a washout !

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tiswas Sun 13-Aug-06 22:12:55

Off to St Ives, Cornwall on Wednesday for a week and according to the weather its going to be totally crap ALL WEEK
Could really do with some advice about great places to go when the weather is bad.
Tis X

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tiswas Sun 13-Aug-06 22:14:45

BTW its just me, DH and dd who's 3.4 - So the art galleries do not really appeal !!

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tiswas Mon 14-Aug-06 19:47:41


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Sparkler1 Mon 14-Aug-06 19:59:17

Hi Tiswas. We are going down to Hayle on the 26th of this month for a week camping. I'm hoping the weather is going to improve for that. There's been such a change in the weather this week hasn't there.
Can't help with places to go I'm afraid as never been before. Hope someone comes along to help soon.
Where are you staying?

gegs73 Mon 14-Aug-06 20:30:42

Hope they are wrong and the weather cheers up for you.

There is an aquarium in Newquay Blue Reef Aquarium

Goonhilly is brilliant! about a 45 min drive from St Ives. We went there on a rainy day last year with ds who loved it (as did we) Goonhilly

I'm sure you'll have fun even if its raining. The restaurants/cafes there are pretty good, so you could just eat all week (as we did last year). Theres also amusement arcades and shops if you like that kind of thing. We did spend quite a long time in the family matching kagouls last year too and braved the rain.

Have a good holiday and if I think of anything else you can do I'll post again.

GeorginaA Mon 14-Aug-06 20:32:14

No advice, but sympathy - we're looking for similar wet weather activities for our camping trip to North Wales from Friday on ... weather forecast is looking pretty crap, isn't it

gladbag Mon 14-Aug-06 20:38:03

Have a look at these and see what you think....
Paradise Park
Cheney Mill Park

Both are near to Hayle (10 mins from St Ives) and both have big new soft play bits if it's pouring....

gegs73 Mon 14-Aug-06 20:41:46

Eden Project is indoors and is supposed to be amazing an hours drive from St Ives Eden Project Its worth checking which days are best to visit before you go, as they advise that some days are busier than other so it is best to call before you go.

There is also a place I have a leaflet for called PRESINGOLL BARNS, I've never been, but it looks to be indoors and has fudge making, candle carving etc and could be OK for an afternoon. Presingoll Barns Info is half way down the page.

treacletart Mon 14-Aug-06 20:44:00

Cant believe nobody's mentioned the Tate yet!

gladbag Mon 14-Aug-06 20:45:17

There's also a huge maize maze which I hear is brilliant, and I think I'd go even in the rain (have you got waterproofs? )

foxinsocks Mon 14-Aug-06 20:45:41

Paradise Park is great. We went there last time we went to Cornwall (year before last) and we ended up spending virtually the whole day there.

KathH Mon 14-Aug-06 20:46:18

Just come back from Hayle so will have a think about it!

treacletart Mon 14-Aug-06 20:46:40

Tate St Ives Family stuff

DumbledoresGirl Mon 14-Aug-06 20:46:49

I am going to Cornwall for 2 weeks starting on Friday and I am very pessimistic about the weather.

We don't normally go as far south as St Ives but I can second the aquarium in Newquay which your dd will like.

How about St Michaels Mount? I have never been there but keep meaning to. Don't know what there is there but I always think it would be interesting to go there over the causeway.

tiswas Mon 14-Aug-06 21:03:05

Oh thanks everyone for the info and the links - just eally hope the weather isnt is bad as forecast!
Sparkler - we're staying on a holiday park in a chalet - St ives bay holiday park - its right on the beach there - it looks really nice

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Sparkler1 Mon 14-Aug-06 21:12:00

Tiswas that's where we are going - not as luxurious as you though - we are roughing it in a tent Let me know what it's like.

KathH Mon 14-Aug-06 21:28:23

tiswas - we went to st ives bay holiday park

tiswas Mon 14-Aug-06 21:36:19

Will do Sparkler, ow did you find it Kath??

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Surfermum Mon 14-Aug-06 21:39:11

There's an indoor swimming pool on site!

And a bar!

KathH Mon 14-Aug-06 21:56:35

There's an indoor pool, shop (bit over normal prices but not too bad - besides theres a Lidl down the road!), beach was fab altho bit of a trek with sand dunes, ds2 had the right idea, he climbed in the dinghy & let dh drag him up! Entertainment was quite good altho not particularly suitable for smaller ears (I have a thing about my kids being subjected to words like tosser!) theres a playground right outside the door where we sent the kids! What sort of chalet are you in? Some looked really new (A5 i think) we were in an A6 which was fab for a weeks holiday but a little bit outdated (does that make sense?) there was no toaster or anything. Hayle was a bit dissapointing but St Ives s only 15 min drive away & was gorgeous! Drinks prices in bar were ok too - always an important point for dh. Playground for kids. I must be so thick when it comes to geography but hadnt realised St Michaels Mt was only abou 10 mins drive away as is Penzance where there's a Tesco & Morrisons. Cant think of anything else but if you have any other questions let me know! Just remembered, cash machines frequently go down so beware, we had 2 nights where we had to stop in as no cash machines in Hayle were working.

tiswas Mon 14-Aug-06 22:04:08

Thanks Kath - we're in a B4 I think its one of the timber clad ones - 2 bedrooms sleeps 4 - Sad questions alert !! - Do they provide all your plates, cutlery, saucepans? I suppose you've got to take your own washing up liq, dish clothes, tea towels and all that have you?
Was there wardrobes to hang up your clothes, any hangers etc ? I know you have to take your own towels, but the duvets are provided I think it says

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KathH Mon 14-Aug-06 22:15:37

sad answer alert - yes they provide crockery, cutlery etc but cups are coffee cup sized, ended up buying some mugs from a £1 shop in St Ives. The timber clad chalets looked really nice but you need to provide towels (I konw bed linen was in with A6 not sure about B4's?) We had to buy baking trays as well to cook oven chips! Plenty of wardrobe space & drawers as well! If you're in a chalet its quite a trek to the swimming pool & beach. It was a lovely holiday tho & for a beach location I dont think you can beat it.

KathH Mon 14-Aug-06 22:18:58

Meant to say, there are horrendous roadworks around Bodmin, Innes Downs I think its called, we got stuck for about 1 1/2 hrs which was considered good going!

bramblebooks Mon 14-Aug-06 22:27:05

Just got back from a fortnight in St Ives, so very jealous! Hope you have a wonderful time - the local weather can be very kind, it can be raining up the hill and not in the bay.

Nice little cinema in St Ives showing 'cars' - that'll pass an afternoon well. The other suggestions look lovely too.

Make sure you've got your wellies and have a walk along the beach, making a collection of interesting things. Watch out for the seal in the harbour, particularly when the fishing boats come in. Watch out for the seagulls on the harbour beach, they will steal the food out of your hand unless you hold it close to you. Seriously. Have a darn good time. There is an excellent Indian takeaway just a few doors away from the cinema - highly recommended. We had loads of take outs, all delicious.

Free internet access from the library near the cinema too and some great kids books to look at.

The Tate was great, but there are no sculptures/installations this year, which my children usually love.

The roadworks are a bit of a nightmare each way - around Indian Queens on the A30. You're going midweek, so hopefully it shouldn't be quite as bad.

tiswas Mon 14-Aug-06 22:28:15

Thanks so much for the tipsits great to speak to someone who has just got back from there - our chalet is right next to the night warden, near the dynamite bar and shop - whats the dynamite bar like hopefully no too rowdy as our dd is only 3.4!!

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