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I'm not that impressed with Bluestone tbh and think Center Parcs is better?

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thinking101 Thu 20-Feb-14 09:26:09

Context I have AF and a mouth ulcer so not feeling my best but....

There just isn't as much to do here.
I find the buggy's whirring past irritating and the 'site' vehicles.

It has cheaper nicer accommodation and that's it.

I know I've read the other threads about Bluestone and all the attractions nearby but my point is we like the concept of a village based holiday so we don't have to drive and go off on half day trip excursions.

I like it at Center Parcs the paths have no golf buggy's on them, the spa is bigger, there are more facilities and places to mooch about in.

Having said all that its cold an grey and I'm thinking our early spring holiday next year might just be somewhere abroad that is warm.

Creamycoolerwithcream Thu 20-Feb-14 10:42:34

I'm sure Center Parcs is better but it's a lot more expensive. I have Bluestone booked for the Easter weekend for �340, the same weekend is �850 at Center Parcs. I think comparing holidays only works if they are simularly priced.

Chocotrekkie Thu 20-Feb-14 10:45:43

Is the pool any good at bluestone ?
I keep looking at it but my 10 and 7 dds just love the centre parcs pools. They spend hours on all the flumes.

But then bluestone is half the price....

thinking101 Thu 20-Feb-14 14:20:58

hi creamey I agree! pound for pound value Bluestone is the better choice with regards to the basics pool/accommodation/village concept.

So I suppose what you pay for at center Parcs is the additional book able activities, wider choice of eateries, bigger pool and spa. BUT it is all off set by the reduction in costs. it has cost us the same petrol to get here as it does to Whinfell. For some petrol costs may bump if up getting to South West Wales.

I think I would have enjoyed this holiday if I hadn't been so hormonal and a non listening, monologues DS(8).

choctrekkie the pool is a bit smaller but the flames are the same as center Parcs. The lazy rive is not as powerful as the one at Whinfell. DH said one flume was scared as it is all dark! So I think your boys will enjoy.

I feel so selfish, but after starting the thread this am, I have been in the adventure center stooping about after DD. no seats, freezing. the kids had a great time DS loved the crazy golf. But for me a SAHP soft play is like a busmans holiday to me.

We went inclusive I havn't cooked so that is good. My DH does his share. But I often have to instruct and inform of what and where when kids start on or when getting ready as I do all of that at home. He just doesn't always know what the latest whims are iykwim. I think if we had planned off site visit, maybe not gone inclusive (as then you tied to bookings etc) and I wasn't hormonal (just can't shake the mood) I would have enjoyed it more.

Creamycoolerwithcream Thu 20-Feb-14 15:05:48

When I do these type of mini breaks I try and and arrange stuff for the DC, the whole family and for the adults to avoid the ' watching the DC have all the fun' feeling. I love Pembrokeshire so will have at least one half day visiting a castle and a beach, visit the spa and some sort of evening activity. My friend did a country dance evening there and enjoyed it or if there is a quiz night we will try something like that. I also think it's important to have realistic expectations, a mini break in Feb in the UK is going to be nice for some quality family time and a change of scene but probably not the best holiday ever.

thinking101 Thu 20-Feb-14 15:34:12

yep creamy I think you are absolutely spot on.

Again I'm aware of my mood, I normally quite happy to just indulge the children, though I reserve the right to whinge about soft play place as I've been taking DD once per week recently grin

It's quite sunny here now and it's set in a nice pretty valley.

givemeaclue Thu 20-Feb-14 18:50:33

I think the difference is that at cp there is a lot to do on site, at bs you use it more as a base for doing things in the area like a self catering cottage with access to a pool and soft play. Personally not huge fan of bs but if I got a great deal would consider

thinking101 Thu 20-Feb-14 20:20:31

We have been to the fine dining restaurant to night. Im pleased with the inclusive package actually the food was impressive.

Im thinking if I come back here again as a host break holiday to fill in a half ted I would do it differently.

I would visit local places like the beach for one. So yes giveme I agree thats a more accurate distinction between the two.

I think all in inc petrol, inc meals (which I know you could self cater cheaper) and incidental spends (no 'shopping' for stuff) it has cost us £600 isn. I kept thinking we could have given the bedroom a makeover and got DS a new bed wink but theme the breaks.

I'll be moaning next week about school run, but then I know I won't have my cloud of hormones over me. Seriously has took the edge of t his holiday for me. I think DH suffes from transference too grin

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