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Aviemore - Self-Catering Accommodation Recommendations (and Childcare?)

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Theonlyoneiknow Tue 18-Feb-14 10:30:00


We were going to go abroad skiing for a week next month with our 2 little DC (4yrs and 1yr) but it will be eye wateringly expensive so are contemplating setting our sights closer to home (Aviemore is a 3hrs drive).

Does any one have any nice self catering property recommendations? Preferably within walking distance to town and that come with passes to the leisure club?

I was also wondering if anyone had used any nanny or babysitters in the area. I am a bit hesitant about it but DP is very keen that we have some skiing time together so it would just be for a couple of half days, although I am unsure about leaving my DCs with someone they don't know (they do go to nursery whilst we are at work).

Thanks in advance

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