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Activity centres in/near Wales for older kids/young teenagers

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helen202 Sun 16-Feb-14 00:49:32

I'm looking into the possibility of going to one of the places like Haven/Pontin, within driving distance of Holyhead, kids are 9 and 14, they are sporty and what usually makes their holiday is if they make friends they can hang around with. A lot of these places seem more suitable for younger kids and may not have organised activities for the older ones.
We also have very little money to spare so can't afford to spend too much on extra activities, if we do go. We will be going during the last 2 weeks in June.
I am not into mobile homes but will put up with it if the place is decent!

Would love to hear your views....

helen202 Mon 24-Feb-14 00:31:15

If anyone can give me an idea as to which ones are most suitable for the age groups of my kids, would really appreciate it. Thanks.

mary21 Mon 24-Feb-14 08:32:25

We looked at using acorn adventure in the past but they don't run when you want. You may find activities for older kids late June problematic as its term time

onceipopicantstop Mon 24-Feb-14 08:46:44

What about Bluestone in Pembrokeshire? We went there last year with our 3 year old but there seemed to be lots of activities aimed at older children.

mary21 Mon 24-Feb-14 09:30:59

We always find somewhere with good flumes a big bonus

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