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Single Parent Center Parcs Hols

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jennifleurs Thu 13-Feb-14 10:26:21

Anyone been to CP by themselves with the kids?

Have booked 4 nights at Sherwood in May for me and DS and we're really looking forward to it. Have booked a couple of activities online as wanted to have some sort of plan for when we got there.

I've been to 3 CP as a teenager with relatives and loved it but I'm guessing it will be different now.

Also will be going by coach or train then taxi for the last bit as I don't drive and don't like to rely on people for lifts. Any tips on this?

This is the first holiday I've paid for myself since I got a new job before Christmas - I feel great knowing I've saved up and paid for it! smile

PicaK Thu 13-Feb-14 22:16:40

I don't have any advice on the taxi front but just wanted to say Bravo! to your first self funded holiday. I really hope you enjoy it.

For what it's worth most kids turn up with one parent in tow to activities so I hope you won't feel out of place.

Why don't you ring CP and see if you can put your bags somewhere before check in (explaining the circumstances) - then you could turn up at 10am and enjoy every minute. We stay in a nearby travel lodge the night before to do this.

Have a lovely time.

JeanSeberg Thu 13-Feb-14 22:23:19

Details here of some taxi companies so you can ring around and compare fares.

Have fun!

jennifleurs Fri 14-Feb-14 10:29:03

Thanks for your replies smile yesterday a lovely taxi driver we've known for years took me to work and we were discussing holidays, I asked what it would cost to go from our house to CP and he offered to take us and bring us back - so happy o bumped into him as that's something I don't have to worry about now smile he said he'll bring our cases to and from the taxi as well. What a gent!

JeanSeberg Fri 14-Feb-14 10:39:41

How nice, things like that restore your faith in humanity don't they!

How old is your son, out of interest?

jennifleurs Fri 14-Feb-14 19:31:43

Yes I thought it was lovely - it's going to make the going to and coming home from there much easier for us!

He is almost 8 smile

JeanSeberg Fri 14-Feb-14 19:33:50

What a lovely age, I bet you have a lot of fun together.

May09Bump Sun 16-Feb-14 22:36:24

I'm not a single parent but have taken my 4yr old alone there and its was great. Plan your activities in advance as they do get booked up.
They have an online planner to help. I found the experience very refreshing.

Staff are friendly and helpful too. Its nice saving for holiday with your new salary - congratulations!

jennifleurs Sun 16-Feb-14 22:57:35

Hi May09Bump, I've been looking on the website while booking activities, I like the printable itinerary you can have smile

I've heard good things about the staff. Hoping our accommodation will be ok as only booked the very cheapest comfort villa but planning to be out and busy every day!

May09Bump Sun 16-Feb-14 23:29:16

Just check with the comfort villas - what linens are provided, towels / bedding etc.

Have lots of fun!

VivaLeBeaver Thu 20-Feb-14 23:10:31

Bedding is provided but take your own towels or book towels.

Me and dd go to sherwood a lot and enjoy it. Last time we booked exec accommodation but it wasn't really worth the extra so we're back to basic comfort now. Which I've always found fine.

spababe Sat 01-Mar-14 16:13:50

We always go by train and taxi and turn up early before the villa is ready. CP happliy take out cases in at the check in lodge and deliver them to our villa for us. We usually pack a swimming bag seperately then just remove that bag from the case before we hand it over. We go swimming and get some supplies at the shop (they will also deliver) and then go to find our villa and the cases are there.

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