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AquaSana spa Centreparcs. New park at Woburn. Is spa included.

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lynniep Tue 11-Feb-14 11:39:44

I've been to Centreparcs a few times, but years ago now. My plan was to head to the new park at Woburn in the Autumn, with a group of friends (for my 40th) We are all fans of aquasana.

I honestly cannot remember how it works with aquasana (I did ring to ask, but I wasnt convinced by what the woman said which was that it was included)

Do you have to pay extra to use the spa? In my head, its included in a weekend break, but as I said its been so long since I went, I can't remember. I think possibly we booked a twilight spa as an extra.

I'm trying to decide if we book a woodland lodge for the weekend, or just wait until we can book an overnight spa break. (cant book September yet)

PicaK Tue 11-Feb-14 20:04:26

It's always extra on a break.

I know you can book into the longleat one for a day.

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