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Can you recommend a nice hotel for a night without DC near LGW?

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chicaguapa Thu 06-Feb-14 13:43:38

I'm looking for a nice hotel Surrey side of Gatwick where DH and I can spend a night without the DC. I'm not too fussy, it doesn't have to be 5* or anything, but not Premier Inn or similar because we stay there with the DC all the time and would like something a bit more grown up.

We will be picking DD up from the airport the next day at 11ish hence wanting to be local to there so we can lie in before we have to leave to pick her up.


FarToGo Thu 06-Feb-14 13:50:12

The Felbridge? It's on the A22, so not too far from Gatwick. It has a spa and small pool too.

mumblechum1 Thu 06-Feb-14 13:53:35

We stayed at the sofitel at gatwick the other week and it was reslly good ( had early flight). We upgraded to a club room so had free access ti lounge for nibbles and cocktails. Good asian restaurant downstairs. Cost abt £100 room only

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