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Pony trekking in Wales?

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Sneepy Mon 27-Jan-14 08:01:23

We are considering doing a day of trekking this summer. Any recommendations for areas/providers/accommodation? And is it suitable for a 6 & 8 year old who've had a few months of riding lessons (and their novice parents?!?)?

Not going abroad this summer so want to do a few memorable short breaks. Thanks for any tips!

kentishgirl Tue 11-Feb-14 09:53:48

I think a whole day might be a bit long for the little ones (get a bit bored once the novelty of being on pony wears off, it's mainly looking at the scenery go by) and a bit hard on all your bums.

Most places do half day trecks, which might be better.

But age-wise and experience-wise, yes, fine. It's not proper riding, it's sitting as a passenger on very quiet ponies that just follow the pony in front of them.

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