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Child Maintenance Service Charges, What Goes To The Parent

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SamPB Sun 26-Jan-14 13:27:52

Hi All,

I'm new here, hope your all good :-)

I've read an article today, and have been having a little dig round, but need some clarification and thought this may be the best place to come.

There was an article in the Mirror regarding the new Child Maintenance Service.

The new child maintenance service is going to charge £20 for an application, and then 4% on the payments paid to the parent, this I understand and find utterly disgusting as this will only mean the child is being penalised for having a poor parent. but I would like some clarification on one other part, this is where I can't find the info:

The NRP will be charged 20% for having to use the collection service, now does this go to the CMS, or does it go to the parent, does anyone know?

If anyone has the answer, I would be most grateful, but I'm expecting as all things with this govt it won't be as simple as I expect!!!!

Many thanks


SoonToBeSix Sun 26-Jan-14 13:37:41

It goes to the CMS not the parent.

SamPB Sun 26-Jan-14 13:50:23

Many thanks SoonToBeSix.

Just shocking, in my opinion all monies collected should go to the child.

I don't buy into their rhetoric that this is to pay for the service. If this was the case, it should be a set fee, and not a percentage of monies paid/collected.

No surprise with this govt though, they will stoop to any levels as to get cash. This will only discriminate against some of the poorest single parents and will only lead to the kids suffering.

SamPB Sun 26-Jan-14 13:51:06

Also, is this service up and running yet or is it in it's planning stages?

The new scheme is up and running BUT the charges have not been brought in or finalised yet.

The plan is for a fee for setting up the case then a percentage the nrp pays to he CMS for admin then a smaller percentage from the maintenance goes to the CMS for admin

They want to encourage parents to sort things themselves.Unfortunately,my ex changed all his contact details and won't see ds and will only pay if forced.I've moved to he New scheme and charges will apply then but on ny part it's a small amount to lose considering I wouldn't get support from him any other way.I don't care that he will be charged extra,that's his fault!

SamPB Sun 26-Jan-14 14:03:29

Thanks TripTrap.

Completely understand where your coming from in respect to your ex being charged extra. What I can't get my head around is the fact they will be taking so much money from it. In my view all monies should go to the child with a nominal fee for admin costs.

I agree,it should but the service does cost money and I guess it needs to come from somewhere!It's meant to put off parents who are playing games with the other,so it may well have an impact there and encourage some to grow up a bit!

They do give a choice though,either the service here they calculate and help or the full-service which includes collecting,paying and any chasing etc which is what will end up being charged for.

It sucks,especially for those of us who have no choice but to do it this way,but it's a small loss for us really.

1needshelp Tue 04-Mar-14 14:57:21

Hi All

Just reading through these messages and i felt the need to add something to this.

I had an amicable agreement with my Ex which, until she met her new partner was fine. She has now instructed the CMS to collect monies direct from me and pass them to her. To add i have never missed a payment ever since we split and even when i took custody of the kids for 5 months whilst she sorted her life out and yet I have no choice but to pay CMS 20%. I have even offered to split the difference (approx �100 PM) and she still insists she wants CMS to collect. She is now doing this out of spite which is totally unfair.

Now i do agree that if a ex-partner is refusing to pay they should be penalised but in my case I have agreed to pay whatever the rate set by CMS and on time.

Surely this is unfair and now means some of my children�s extra school activities will have to be ceased.


Any help will be greatly received.

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