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A UK holiday to keep everyone happy

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Liveinthepresent Sun 05-Jan-14 16:56:33

We are planning to go aZaway for a week in June with PiL for their wedding anniversary, within the UK.
We will be with BIL too - so altogether we are a group of 1 single male, 2x70 plus PILs, me and DH and our DC 3 and 1 ( by then!)

This is very much Mils trip. she is very excited, saving up and hopes to treat us. Her main criteria are she doesn't want to self cater as they normally do this - and I think she would like a seaside holiday - but she also likes the idea of something 'structured'. She has been looking at Centreparcs ( though I think she will have been shocked at the price) and realistically I am not sure we would actually make the most of all the activities available somewhere like this.

The main thing is she is just so excited about a week with all of us - but she lives a long way away and isnt always tuned into what works with two small children- we have had to suggest that a normal hotel isn't ideal for us as we would need to put DCs to bed at,7 and don't want to end up whispering in a hotel room all evening on our own. So for us self catering is probably easier.

I have promised to look at some options. So can anyone suggest anything with either a mix of catered and self catering on the same site or something maybe a bit like Centreparcs but not too structured/activity based.

BIL is not going to relish a week somewhere too children orientated - but equally we need to look out for our needs as DH always ends up taking the lead and it would be nice to choose a location that ticks all our boxes.
All I ask for me and DCs is clean, modern and not too cramped!

Geographically we think Dorset might work - but that's not fixed - we are travelling from London and Cheshire.

Anyone with ideas ?

You could get a cottage somewhere like Whitby or Saint Ives, maybe, but eat out most/some nights? There should be enough things around for you to do a mixture of stuff altogether and in smaller groups.

SeaDevilscanPlay Sun 05-Jan-14 18:43:33

I was going to suggest Whitby too.

Loads of stuff to do - days out to York, Castle Howard, Dalby Forest, Whitby seaside is lovely too.

Liveinthepresent Sun 05-Jan-14 18:58:07

Thanks for replies - think MIL has her heart set on a hotel - if they share with us in self catering they will suffer from our chaos and we will end up doing all the catering etc.
will definitely look at Whitby - does anyone know any decent hotels as a start point?

HavingAnOffDAy Sun 05-Jan-14 19:02:20

Would you consider bluestones?

I've not been but have had it recommended by friends, and have seen it recommended on here too

HavingAnOffDAy Sun 05-Jan-14 19:03:17

I think there are part catered options available, and maybe you could have separate accom?

JollySantersSelectionBox Sun 05-Jan-14 19:11:04

Another vote for Wales here, but I know it's a fabulous place:

They now have Hunter Lodges which look incredible. There are loads of facilities and if you BIL plays golf or likes sports? Parents could stay in a hotel room?

Close to Cardiff (Dr Who experience, nice size city for eating out, cinema, shopping) and all the nearby beaches. Outlet centre across the motorway.

mummymeister Sun 05-Jan-14 19:13:57

what about a site with a few self catering cottages on it and some other facilities like a pool. then they can go in one and you can go in another. see them when you want don't see them when you don't want to. we did this with DH's family this Christmas and we get on so much better like this grin

Rainbowshine Sun 05-Jan-14 19:14:21

What about a serviced apartment? Get the best of hotel and self catering, and as others have said they can always eat out/get take away for food.

Do you all actually have to stay in the same accommodation? If you go for somewhere like Whitby you could find somewhere just around the corner so everyone is happy.

Another idea is to find a hotel that has self catering on the side - our local pub/inn hotel has some b&b rooms plus some self catering chalets, you can still opt to have breakfast there and has a restaurant for meals so you don't necessarily have to cook.

DisappointedHorse Sun 05-Jan-14 19:35:09

How about Suffolk for somewhere a bit different? We loved Suffolk, we had one of the best holidays we've had there. There's a lot to seen and do and some gorgeous cottages.

Aldeburgh or Southwold are good bases, Southwold has a great pier and more sand on the beach.

Interesting places are Sutton Hoo, Orford and Havergate Island, go crabbing at Walberswick, take the rowing boat ferry, nice walks and a theme park if you like them.

Everywhere claims to have the best fish and chips and is only 10 minutes away according to the locals!

Wolfiefan Sun 05-Jan-14 19:36:40

Another Bluestone vote here!

rookiemater Sun 05-Jan-14 20:02:13

We stayed in a fabulous 5 bed house on the outskirts of Ambleside in the Lake District. Loads for families to do or pottering round/hillwalking for those who want it. It's within walking distance of loads of restaurants and pubs so although it's self catering, realistically, you could just do your own breakfast and eat out for the rest of the meals.

Let me know if it is of interest and I will try to find the place we stayed.

Liveinthepresent Sun 05-Jan-14 22:59:38

Thanks for replies - am intrigued by Bluestone as I think MIL would love this from what I know and I keep seeing it recommended.
Will look at other suggestions tomorrow too.
JollySanters great idea have stayed there with work in the past - no one plays golf apart from DH so might not fit the bill this time but will mentally file that away for a different group.
Sort of reassured no one has said we should just do Centreparcs.

meeliesmum Tue 07-Jan-14 22:05:39

Llandudno- fantastic for all ages

mary21 Wed 08-Jan-14 18:09:58

If going for hotel I would pick somewhere large with facilities pool gym etc. Space for children to move, buffet breakfast so choice. Not sure how long this trip is but sometimes big hotels have bargain weekend breaks.
Another option is a child friendly hotel where there is kids early tea the an adult meal later and baby listening. Might be too many little ones around for your bil !!!
Friend raved about fisherman's huts at whitstable bay .hotel and self catering.
What sort on thing are you all after. Lots of activities on site? Day trips out? Quiet? Loud?
Are your kids fussy eaters?

mary21 Wed 08-Jan-14 18:12:39

Isle of wight?

vestandknickers Wed 08-Jan-14 18:16:36

We had a family get together with several generations including young children at this hotel.

It was wonderful and in a lovely part of the world.

MyNameIsKenAdams Wed 08-Jan-14 18:17:11

How would you feel booking a b&b with only enough rooms for your party? Sole occupancy but with catering, and you may feel comfortable enough to stay downstaors with a baby monitor.

mary21 Wed 08-Jan-14 18:17:12

We looked at the Old park hotel isle of wight when the boys were young

SigningGirl Wed 08-Jan-14 18:32:09

See I would always suggest centre parcs in a scenario like this, some of them have hotels so some could stay in a hotel and some self catering. you don't necessarily need to make use of all the activities, we went there as kids and mainly swam and walked.

the prices aren't cheap though. I have googled "somewhere like centre parcs" before. I think there is a money saving expert thread that recommends. places like ribby hall (never been), that has cottages (easier for you?) and a hotel for those that want it.

just a thought. sorry for rushed post. trying to stop baby eating things he shouldn't!

whatsagoodusername Wed 08-Jan-14 18:39:46

It may not be appropriate for what you are looking for, but we have gone away a few times with MIL and got either two-room suites or connecting rooms. Put the DC to bed in your room, then congregate in the living room/other bedroom to socialise.

It has worked well for us, especially as MIL likes to spend evenings after dinner with a book and has no objection to listening out for the DC after we put them to bed and we can go out late.grinAs your PIL are 70+, it may appeal to them and your BIL, who would then have evening company.

If you can share a suite with someone else (BIL?), it is not usually more cost-prohibitive than two rooms and it doesn't cost more to get interconnecting rooms - you just need to make the request as soon as possible to get them.

No suggestions for actual specific hotels or locations (you might need to phone around for one with connecting rooms, but most purpose-built hotels will have them), but that has been the set-up that has worked well for us travelling with small children and MIL!

MyNameIsKenAdams Wed 08-Jan-14 18:40:22

You could hire a self catering cottage and then pay for a cook (agency?)

Travelledtheworld Wed 08-Jan-14 20:12:04

Have you looked at a farm based holiday. Many farms have self catering accommodation attached. I remember seeing a lovely place in Herefordshire that had a swimming pool, games room, a petting zoo and they would organise catering for you if you wanted.

Sadly I cannot remember the name of it !

Travelledtheworld Wed 08-Jan-14 20:16:51

For example

loulou4 Tue 28-Jan-14 09:04:41

we've stayed here before at Woolacombe Bay hotel with self catering facilities. great food, great kids high tea, highly recommend it (depending on your budget)

I much prefer to self cater with children, but you can have the best of both worlds and use the hotel facilities and dining as and when you want ..... and the pil's can always have a hotel room too !

have also stayed in a couple of places in cornwall with similar facilities - there are plenty of them around - just google hotels with self catering facilities for your preferred location

alternatively, book the pil's into a hotel and find a self catering apartment for you within a few minutes walk ...

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