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Any recommendations for holidaying in Dorset, nice family cottage/ caravans

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Tillyboo Thu 02-Jan-14 22:20:07

Hi, looking for nice family cottage to sleep 4 adults & 5 kids in summer, so 5 beds.
Nice safe, clean beach close by & things to do would be nice. Or close to visit by car.
Any areas to look at or websites ?

MaisyMoo123 Thu 02-Jan-14 23:11:14

Sounds like Swanage would be your ideal destination! It's my home town so I am obviously very biased but it is beautiful. Classic seaside town with a gorgeous, sandy and safe beach in a pretty bay. There's a pier to walk on, crabbing, boat trips, lifeboats and cliff walks plus a steam train, studland beach, bournemouth, numerous nature reserves and country parks and other attractions within very easy reach. I don't have any accommodation recommendations unfortunately (we are lucky enough to have grandparents right there to visit!) but there's loads available if you do a search. Happy to offer more advice if you do decide to head there or even just to that area.

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