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Nice chain hotel £100 a night or less

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somedizzywhore1804 Sun 29-Dec-13 13:33:47

Hi all

DH and I are looking to spend a couple of nights away for our wedding anniversary in Feb.

It can be anywhere in the UK and our only stipulation is that it's a nice chain hotel- preferably with a pool and £100 or less a night. I am pregnant and therefore money is tighter than usual.

We've been to Hilton hotels and liked those- what other nice chains are there and any recommendations for particular locations of those chains?

Many thanks!!

Philoslothy Sun 29-Dec-13 13:35:38

Why does it have to be a chain? I suspect you could get a high end B and B for that money.

Philoslothy Sun 29-Dec-13 13:36:45

Keeping the travelling down also frees up money for nicer accommodation as well.

somedizzywhore1804 Sun 29-Dec-13 13:38:09

I guess it doesn't- I jut figured they'd be more likely to have pools/restaurants etc.

Ok so I will open up to the floor- anyone know of anywhere nice in this price range?

Only1scoop Sun 29-Dec-13 13:39:34

Roughly what county are you thinking of?

Philoslothy Sun 29-Dec-13 13:43:13

If you want a pool and restaurant you may need a hotel. Personally I would forgo the pool and restaurant and have a better class of accommodation.

DH and I stay in a hotel/ B&B about one weekend a month so I may be able to help, if you let me know whereabouts in the country.

ChristmasStrumpet Sun 29-Dec-13 13:45:39

PUMA hotels are lovely. Stayed in 3 of them now. I think they have a 40% off sale on at the moment.

somedizzywhore1804 Sun 29-Dec-13 13:45:47

We are in London but I genuinely mean anywhere in the country. Open to all suggestions. If you've been somewhere and it was great put a link up to it for me to look at- regardless of location grin

ChristmasStrumpet Sun 29-Dec-13 13:47:03

Forgot to say (re Puma above)we recently stayed at the Walton Hall and The Walton Hotel.

Both lovely and would recommend both.

Only1scoop Sun 29-Dec-13 13:47:22

Macdonald chain do some good deals....log on and have a look. Many have spas and pools which you have use of. Slightly less corporate than Hilton group. Also have a look at Secret Escapes uk section they have good deals on some nice properties.
Happy booking smile

Philoslothy Sun 29-Dec-13 13:52:15

We have stayed here few times, laterooms offer rooms at £99

Philoslothy Sun 29-Dec-13 13:52:37

that is Bath

Philoslothy Sun 29-Dec-13 13:58:22

another one of our haunts , cheapest room is £105, I suspect you could get a better room with some hunting Cotswolds

Philoslothy Sun 29-Dec-13 14:04:53

Will ask DH and get back to you for more options.

somedizzywhore1804 Sun 29-Dec-13 15:15:19

Thanks Philo! Appreciate it. About to get the laptop out and start sharing these with DH.

Kowalski Sun 29-Dec-13 15:16:14

Me and DH stayed at the Q hotel in Oxford fairly recently, they were doing an offer of dinner, bed and breakfast for £99 (also got a 20% discount for Bicester village). Would definitely recommend it, not sure what regular prices are but worth keeping an eye out for offers smile

ChristmasStrumpet Mon 30-Dec-13 22:57:24

Here are some with the links added for you. Have stayed at a few and find them excellent. All below have pools and health clubs.

Combe Grove Manor in Bath from £89 in Feb BATH

Shrigley Hall Cheshire from £81 in Feb CHESHIRE

Cheltenham Park Hotel from £69 in Feb CHELTENHAM

Palace Hotel Buxton from £62 in feb BUXTON

Walton Hall Warwickshire from £99 in Feb WARWICKSHIRE or Walton Hall on same site from £80 WARWICKSHIRE

There are more in other UK locations if these dont suit, take a look at the website. The sale ends in 2 days and then prices will hike.

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