Where to eat in London

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cheerup Thu 21-Nov-13 09:53:53

I'll be in London next week and would like to eat somewhere good. Not necessarily fancy and not 3 courses but not a big chain place either. Somewhere on the Victoria line between Victoria and Finsbury Park would be ideal. I like pretty much all styles of food so am a bit dazzled by the choice especially as where I live now Pizza Express is seen as new and exciting. Budget is more sit down street food than Michelin star. Any recommendations pease?

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lilolilmanchester Thu 21-Nov-13 18:19:26

I am not a London expert but I have enjoyed Wahaca - Mexican Street food. Have eaten at the Covent Garden restaurant (on Piccadilly line but just one change if you are coming from Victoria, no changes if from Finsbury Park - I think) . I've also eaten at the South Bank restaurant,no good for you but really enjoyed both and great atmosphere particularly in the Covent Garden one. Hope this bumps for you to get other input from people who know the area better

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