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Break with elderly parent

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feepee Tue 12-Nov-13 12:21:15

I was wondering if anyone could help recommend somewhere to go for a short break/long weekend over the coming months.

It would be myself, husband, four year old child and my 80 year old mother in law.

Our main issue is mobility of MIL. She can still walk and get around fairly well but her knees are starting to go and I think she'd find it difficult to spend most of the day on her feet. She particularly struggles with stepping up/down - i.e. steps and getting on and off buses/trains etc.

She has suggested London or Legoland (both of which I think are BAD ideas!). We liked centerparcs but even whilst we took the land train everywhere she complained about all the walking.

I guess we were wanting something where there are activities (and other children) to keep daughter entertained. But not too much having to get around a large site, and possibly opportunity for MIL to sit somewhere whilst watching the "action"!

All suggestions gratefully received!!

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