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Odd question - Do i need to declare gerbils when renting a cottage?

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theoriginalandbestrookie Fri 08-Nov-13 14:15:06

Just occurred to me as we have acquired two gerbils, planning on taking them with us when away over NY in lake District. They will stay in their (large, humane, filled with toys cage) and I will hoover up any bedding that they spill over.
Do I need to let the rental owners know ? It's not like a dog where there would be fur shedding and smell so I don't feel we should have to pay extra for it.

mummymeister Fri 08-Nov-13 22:04:32

you need to let them know. some cottages ban animals altogether because the next people renting may have allergies not just to dog and cat fur but to animal bedding etc. you also need to know if the place you are renting has cats or dogs in case they inadvertently get into the cottage. always best to be honest I think.

theoriginalandbestrookie Sat 09-Nov-13 10:34:38

Thanks mummymeister, I know you are right. Based on this DH has decided we won't take them, which involves me having to ask the neighbours to look after them. Oh well.

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