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good campsite/caravan park for families with teenage girls

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TAG30 Mon 04-Nov-13 22:06:12

Hi everyone
Im back being a nursing student at the age of 34! Therefore, my foreign holidays are on the back burner for a bit but on the plus side, im looking forward to exploring more of our own beautiful countryside. I am looking for a nice place to go camping or hire a caravan/chalet that also has a bit of social life for my teenage girls (18 and 17). Our ideal site would be small enough to recognise a face but with a good clubhouse so that we could all go out and have a few drinks and a little boogey as a family without the trappings of the usual butlins/haven resorts. Our youngest is 7 so we are really looking for a good all round place to go.

If you have a site that you recommend please let me know.

many thanks

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