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Centre Parcs at Christmas

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Dayshiftdoris Mon 14-Oct-13 03:18:16

Have been to the Elveden Centre Parcs before and my son loved it. In fact it was our first entirely successful holiday (son has ASD).

Christmas is a nightmare for us really so I am considering going away - there is only us 2 so it would be the hotel room where we stayed previously.

Question is - on Xmas day is everything open as normal - as in the pool and places to eat? Do they push the prices up coz it's Christmas?

Is there plenty to keep us occupied - son can not manage evening entertainment but loves the bars, badminton, pool tables, swimming, cycling, etc but I am concerned that with it being Christmas it will be all very reduced to the minimum and we'll be stuck in a hotel room.


cestlavielife Mon 14-Oct-13 15:49:30

call the main CP line they very helpful. i know other families with kids with ASD go over xmas so pretty sure everything stays open - but call them on the main line Contact Centre 08448 267 723

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