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May half term alternative to Salcombe

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Willabywallaby Mon 27-Jan-14 13:06:40

So I eventually booked through coast and country for under £1300, looking forward to it.

Thanks for suggestions.

Liketotalk Thu 21-Nov-13 22:52:19

Have you looked at this We stayed there in the summer and loved it. It's Somerset so not sure how long a drive that is from Poole. We love walking and there's certainly plenty of countryside and pubs to explore around there. Hope you find somewhere :-)

Willabywallaby Fri 15-Nov-13 17:21:45

Lovely idea but definitely over budget and distance to travel.

We're thinking about Lyme Regis at the moment, closer! Or Lymington.

BlueChampagne Thu 14-Nov-13 13:44:03

Fly to Scilly from Newquay?

Willabywallaby Wed 13-Nov-13 14:06:37

Thanks for your help babsallen but the budget is £1400 for the house.

Willabywallaby Tue 12-Nov-13 20:37:30

Thanks will look at those.

babsallen Mon 11-Nov-13 21:47:27

Having just made some enquiries, have some availability over May BH. Good luck with your plans!

Willabywallaby Thu 31-Oct-13 00:29:02

We did go to a Hope Cove but it's too quiet. The difficulty now is finding a house that's not booked up!

LittleRobots Fri 25-Oct-13 15:53:20

Or Hope the other side is quieter and lovely too.

bowyert1 Fri 25-Oct-13 13:01:59

Dartmouth & Kingswear which also gives you access to Torbay have a look at the cottages from Blue Chip some great ones there. Definitely a similar feel to Salcombe but providing a different location and a little bit closer to poole

Willabywallaby Wed 23-Oct-13 22:35:24

3.5 hrs from Poole thlsad

BigGapMum Tue 22-Oct-13 21:44:54

Fowey in Cornwall is lovely. Lots of boats, great food. Not quite sure if it's within 3 hours of Poole but I shouldn't think it's much more.

Willabywallaby Tue 22-Oct-13 21:33:42

It looks like we're going to Salcombe grin

serin Sun 06-Oct-13 23:49:44

I love Salcombe. The only places I love more are Falmouth, North Norfolk and the Lyn Peninsular but they are all further away.

Willabywallaby Thu 26-Sep-13 18:26:56

I've just thought Isle of Wight...Good idea??

Willabywallaby Thu 26-Sep-13 18:13:19


The last 2 years we (my DH and 2DSs) and another family of 4 have been on holiday in the May half term to Salcombe, I'm now looking at booking for the next one but things are already getting booked up.

So I was thinking about an alternative. We live in Poole and don't want to drive more than 3 hrs. We like to be by the coast and our friends get us out walking, but we also like the pubs/restaurants/shops Salcombe has to offer.

Does anyone know of somewhere as good within a 3hr drive of Poole where we will have a much fun as Salcombe?


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