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shallweshop Tue 17-Sep-13 12:43:48

I have just booked Centerparcs Longleat for half term week. I would like to book a few activities for the kids but can't decide which to go for. DD will be 9 and DS nearly 7 - any recommendations? Unfortunately, the 2 things I did want to book - mini jet skis and the underwater jet thingies are booked up. I am wondering about quad biking?

QualityScout Wed 18-Sep-13 18:13:17

Your kids are older than my DS - but we've been there a lot and would say bowling good for all family. football coach is fantastic. Dance class for you and dd. Silk painting for you and ds too tho it's pricey but mums and daughters seemed to enjoy it. Quad biking looks great - just waiting for my ds to be 6! Snooker session for all family and climbing all popular. Did you look at how long the sessions you missed out on lasted for and how early they were? Much better stuff to do. Keep checking tho cos often they add sessions at last minute or get cancellations.Have a great time.

shallweshop Wed 18-Sep-13 22:03:17

Thanks Quality.

Potterer Thu 19-Sep-13 12:09:07

We go to CP Elveden every year, my boys are 10 and 7, we always book badminton, tennis (indoor) bowling, rollerskating and this year, make a habitat.

In the past they have done mini crossbows and outing with owls which was fantastic, indoor climbing wall, horse and carriage ride, horse riding hmm that is all I can think of for now blush

We go swimming every day including the day we arrive and the day we leave.

We try not to over-schedule as the boys love it but can become over tired. Plus we fit in starbucks every day as they love the chocolate creams they do, plus it helps re-fuel them.

We are going in November as we have an inset day, we usually go in May/June but it is Ds1's SATs year so we are going abroad then, hence why all our activities are indoors this time.

Agree about keep checking the booking page. We love CP as you can tell, we have sometimes even been twice in the same year. It isn't a holiday for me, but the boys enjoy it so much we indulge them.

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