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Availability for this bank holiday weekend?

(9 Posts)
mrscardigan Sun 25-Aug-13 20:27:51

Didn't manage to find anything suitable in the end......ah well, that's the way it is sometimes.

Really appreciate all your help though. Thanks.

LaVitaBellissima Fri 23-Aug-13 09:25:12

www.latelettings.co.uk they are good for short deals

Ruprekt Fri 23-Aug-13 09:24:07

Did you find something?

Ruprekt Thu 22-Aug-13 17:57:48

Have you tried travelodge?

mrscardigan Tue 20-Aug-13 17:37:09

Thank you all.

When I put Sunday I did mean that we would be staying Sunday night and leaving on the Monday, so 3 nights in total. Sorry for the confusion!

Will try those suggestions. The Landmark Trust properties look lovely.

SilasGreenback Tue 20-Aug-13 12:08:50

Landmark Trust have some places available for bank holiday according to their latest email - but you do have to pay for fri sat and sun nights.

mummymeister Tue 20-Aug-13 11:31:39

have a look at lastminute-cottages website agree with super, no one is going to let without including the sunday with the Monday as a holiday.

Supertrooper88 Tue 20-Aug-13 09:20:56

Its unuasual to find anything for less than the 3 nights. You may have to pay for Sunday night even if you dont use it.

mrscardigan Tue 20-Aug-13 09:14:51

Does anyone know/have anything available for this weekend?

I have searched and searched but there is no availability anywhere in Wales or The Lakes. We're in the north west so want a maximum of 2 hours bank holiday driving.

Looking for self catering for 2 adults and 2 children. Can only do Fri 23rd to Sun 25th.

There must be something out there?

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