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Less obvious UK destinations?!

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42notTrendy Tue 13-Aug-13 09:12:49

We are thinking of a uk break for Oct half term. We've done the well known uk holiday places: Devon, Cornwall, Norfolk, Suffolk, Lakes, Yorkshire, Northumberland and lots of places in Scotland.

What gems are still awaiting us?! What places in the UK warrant a few days exploring with a 7yr old ds?

42notTrendy Tue 13-Aug-13 17:44:47

I am being drawn to Kent/Sussex by your suggestions. I have never been (apart from driving to Chunnel once years ago). I've also heard that Wye Valley/Forest of Dean is lovely. And also I've never explored that part of the UK.
We don't want to fly as that's why we thought UK, I find flying quite stressful these days so like the idea of throwing everything in the car. Means sacrificing the sun though!

Phineyj Tue 13-Aug-13 17:31:58

What about the Kent coast? Broadstairs is lovely and very child friendly. We spent most of the week in the fantastic old-fashioned Italian coffee shop on the front!

Clary Tue 13-Aug-13 17:25:37

Pembrokeshire we love it. Beaches still good in October IMO. Also fabulous scenery. Or most of Wales actually.

Peak District if you like walking. Or better yet, North York Moors. Not so busy. Whitby has a super beach and the cliffs are spectacular too.

teabagpleb Tue 13-Aug-13 17:19:09

Northern Ireland?

Minehead/Exmoor area is beautiful, plenty to go do.

Kent and Leeds Castle

KateCroydon Tue 13-Aug-13 17:04:50

Lichfield is ver ver pretty.

42notTrendy Tue 13-Aug-13 16:23:56

Brilliant suggestions. Am now going to start trying to tie up a nice cosy cottage with them. Thanks smile

allmycats Tue 13-Aug-13 16:02:08

Plus to above - Harrogate and surrounding areas

allmycats Tue 13-Aug-13 16:01:47

Peak District/Isle of Man/Scottish Borders/North East Coastline and Moors/City of York

chicaguapa Tue 13-Aug-13 15:59:44

Pembrokeshire is great. There's loads to do there and it very beautiful. And yy to the New Forest and Jurassic Coast. Swanage and Lyme Regis are lovely.

bibliomania Tue 13-Aug-13 15:57:42

Have you done Orkney?

I loved Sussex - Rye, Battle, Bodiam Castle.

Also Hampshire - Winchester, Chawton (if you're a Jane Austen fan!)

I've heard the Wye valley is wonderful but haven't been there yet.

piprabbit Tue 13-Aug-13 15:57:11

Warwickshire? Warwick Castle, Stratford upon Avon etc.

We've had lovely holidays on the Kent coast based around Hythe, Hastings, Rye.

Weegiemum Tue 13-Aug-13 15:55:34

Outer Hebrides.


PetiteRaleuse Tue 13-Aug-13 15:55:10

Trough of Bowland a good suggestion, as well as, not too far from there, the side of Yorkshire round Ingleton/ Kirkby Lonsdale. Morecambe Bay lovely too - nice walks round Arnside, Silverdale and round the coast.

Also heard good things recently about the English side of the Solway Firth. The Scottish side is lovely too of course.

North Wales and Anglesey are brilliant for castles. Loads to do.

cyberfairy Tue 13-Aug-13 15:50:21

Trough of Bowland in Lancashire. Stunning countryside, snuggly pubs, Clitheroe is an ace foodie town and loads of walks and good places to eat in whole area.

LtGreggs Tue 13-Aug-13 15:47:00

You could add Ironbridge together with Welsh Borders / Shropshire for a really nice countryside break. Good walks, Ludlow, a few castles / NT places. Ironbridge has lots of museums that are small and child-friendly. Also Severn Valley Railway nearby.

Or what about a city break?? London or Edinburgh?

TheMagicKeyCanFuckOff Tue 13-Aug-13 15:46:45

The Essex countryside is lovely, in the Saffron Walden area, or Epping forest areas?


Maybe Somerset?

42notTrendy Tue 13-Aug-13 15:40:18

We live quite close to Derbyshire so have done quite a bit of it, but do quite like the idea of sending ds up a chimney grin

AuntieStella Tue 13-Aug-13 13:51:02

Sorry -I got my Halls in a twist, and I meant Sudbury (with Museum of Childhood).

34DD Tue 13-Aug-13 13:33:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AuntieStella Tue 13-Aug-13 11:34:38

How about Derbyshire - Chatsworth, Haddon Hall, walking in the Peak District, visits to caverns? Is there still a (replica, sadly) chimney you can send your DC up at Shugborough?

42notTrendy Tue 13-Aug-13 11:22:35

Fanny grin

FannyMcNally Tue 13-Aug-13 10:57:01

Right, skip that then....

FannyMcNally Tue 13-Aug-13 10:56:23

If you've never done it, then the Isle of Wight is a great place to explore. Osborne House is lovely.

42notTrendy Tue 13-Aug-13 10:54:14

Oh and not good on boats! grin

42notTrendy Tue 13-Aug-13 10:53:33

Like idea of New Forest and Dorset. Would there be enough to do at Ironbridge for a few days? Went for a day years ago. York my Uni town grin done that loads! Not considered Wales for autumn. Thinking of that for summer as I've heard there are lovely beaches.

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