LONDON Sat, July 27 Which Gilly Hicks branch + Brandy melville + Sushi + Barbican?

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BreakfastCricket Sun 21-Jul-13 18:46:38

I have circa five hours to take daughter shopping before we need to be at the Barbican for about 6pm this coming Saturday.

We arrive at Euston Station at 12.30pm.

Two definite bases I must cover...Need to fit in a visit to any Gilly Hicks store and a visit to Brandy Melville's at 33 Kings Road SW. She's not bothered about anything else.

Gilly Hicks has three London locations... one at 83 Regent Street, one at Shepherd's Bush and one at Stratford. Any advice on which of the branches to head for and whether I should go to Brandy Melvilles first or last!

Also looking for advice about any affordable sushi take out restaurants near the Barbican as picking up other child there circa 9.30pm and child will be starving. Our hotel is the Premier Inn Old Street (Corsham St) so restaurant has to be between barbican and hotel.

Thank you anyone who replies!

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cestlavielife Mon 22-Jul-13 11:23:29

shepherds bush and stratford will be in the massive westfield malls so depends if you like shopping centres or not.

if not go to the regent st one then tube to kings road

BreakfastCricket Mon 22-Jul-13 14:47:28

We are particularly looking for sale clothes in Gilly Hicks. Apparently the flagship site at regent street just has full price items as I've just rung there to check!

Looks like it's a straight choice between the two Westfield malls then. Are they very similar?

Any advice gratefully received.

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cestlavielife Thu 25-Jul-13 15:07:00

pretty similar - stratford is bigger i think you can look out over the olympics site.
westfield has a "street" with restaurants like wagamama etc most with outdoor seating and a sort of water feature you could dip fngers into

BreakfastCricket Thu 25-Jul-13 21:09:36

Thank you cestla we have opted for Shepherds Bush Westfield. We think we have a plan... Euston to SB ... then SB to Sloane Square... Then because of engineering work on the northern line we will go from Sloane Square back to the Barbican and walk from there...

Just wish we had longer and could do some other things as well. Looked at many of the other London threads and they seem more fun however hopefully next time...

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