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Edinburgh festival

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jenny77 Mon 15-Jul-13 19:59:57

Going for a few days to Edinburgh with my family (husband and girls 5 and 3). We are on a serious budget but are staying in the middle of town during the festivalgrin. Can anyone recommend any good shows or places to go for evening meals with small kids. Hoping good advice will keep the holiday stress freewinkshock.

Candicesoh Sat 23-Apr-16 18:42:08

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MrsAmaretto Sun 09-Aug-15 16:23:06

We've just been to Ali McGregors Jazzmataz which I recommend. It was lovely just hanging about in George Square Gardens & letting the kids run about.

LizF0x Sat 08-Aug-15 11:47:55

Just been to see Just So Stories at Momentum Playhouse at St Stephens, on daily at 10am. My 4& 2 year olds loved it. Interactive tales from story book favourites. Intimate stage seating, kids participate in directing the stories and staging the props. Engaging actors enchanted our kids throughout.grin

gemma3000 Thu 02-Apr-15 11:39:32

It sounds great, I can't wait! I'm certainly planning to hit the Cbeebies tent...I'm hoping it might keep the kids entertained whilst I grab a vino!

Twittwooo Thu 26-Mar-15 00:05:09

There are free shows all over the city, not just at the Three Sisters. The BBC tent is brilliant too with lots of free kids and adults shows.

OhisHOME Wed 25-Mar-15 23:56:58

I took dd age 3 through last year for the day paid to see the bubble man which she loved, then saw a couple of things on the free fringe which is all at the 3 sisters in the Grassmarket, the free shows were good. Huggers if they are back is worth going to & you could go more than once as its a mix of paid shows which changes daily.

3nationsfamily Wed 25-Mar-15 21:54:34

The Commonwealth pool doesn't have any flumes any more since it was refurbished a couple of years ago. Leith waterworld has also closed down so the nearest flumes to Edinburgh are in Dunbar or Perth.

Jackieharris Wed 25-Mar-15 10:27:36

The book festival has kids events but check the dates.

The commonwealth pool has big flumes.

gemma3000 Wed 25-Mar-15 10:16:38

Haha no worries thank you for the tips anyway always good to know what else is out there. I'm just glad there are options for families on a budget!

whataboutbob Sun 15-Mar-15 20:34:35

Oops just read the last post!

whataboutbob Sun 15-Mar-15 20:33:42

We were there at festival time two years ago,left it late to book and ended up in a slightly quirky but v nice B&B in Leith ( Wallace Art b&b( the owner put a couple of camping beds in the room. There is also the YHA they do family rooms, worth checking out.

gemma3000 Wed 04-Mar-15 14:55:26

Thanks for the link. I looked into Mortonhall but cost wise it works out cheaper for us to stay with Edinburgh festival campsite because we have a massive tent (more like a marquee) and a gazebo!! Mortonhall worked out quite pricey for all the extras and when I emailed Campingninja about the location they were so helpful and sent back lots of info about activities on the campsite, the breakfast stage and themed nights look really fun for the kids - and us as we will be campsite bound in the evenings! And the location is 100% confirmed now so I feel safe smile. Thanks for you help though, much apprciated smile.

3nationsfamily Wed 25-Feb-15 18:23:11

It seems the new temporary campsite will be at the Highland show ground near the airport which is about the same distance out of the city centre as the Mortonhall site which is a permanent and well respected site. I would choose Mortonhall

gemma3000 Wed 25-Feb-15 09:10:46

Thanks 3nationsfamily. I will look into availability at Mortonhall - it's sounds lovely but a bit far out though. I finally found the website for the other one but no mention of the I will email them as well as I don't want to book and find the campsite is closed down before it even opens! It's the same company that did the Glasgow 2014 campsite though so I'm guessing they are legit, but I need info for my liking!

3nationsfamily Thu 19-Feb-15 23:23:22

That campsite is a new venture and so yet doesn't have planning permission I believe. The main campsite for the city is at Mortonhall out near the bypass about 6 miles from the city centre but it gets very booked up for the festival from one year to the next

Pinkje Thu 19-Feb-15 16:38:14

Look at the BBC shows, free tickets to many shows, we saw 'just a minute' last year. Kids might be too small for that but there may be children's shows on.

gemma3000 Thu 19-Feb-15 16:36:09

Just taken a look...the apartments look a bit fancy for my kids lol! I looked up camping and game across this but i can't find the campsite...has anyone campsite before?

3nationsfamily Wed 18-Feb-15 10:15:24

I presume you have looked at premier inns and travelodges which are the best bet for budget friendly options. There are numerous choices for each brand in the City. Sometimes the premier inn at edinburgh park can be a cheapest option- located out of the centre but on direct train and tram in to the city for easy connection in about 15 minutes. Beware though there is very little else around the area except offices and tesco and retail park so really only useful as a place to sleep but the benefit of having parking. Don't bring a car to Edinburgh if you can avoid it- parking is rare and expensive and the city during festival is very congested and difficult to get around.

Nowhere is cheap in edinburgh in August! Have you looked at renting an apartment maybe - these people get good reviews and have a range of options

gemma3000 Wed 18-Feb-15 09:12:13

Hey Ladies, I'm planning to head to Ed fest this summer and am struggling to find family friendly places to stay - any recommendations? We have an 18 month old and a 12 year old so we are on a budget! Thanks for your help smile

jenny77 Thu 15-Aug-13 21:01:06

Well...thank you for all the advice! Camera Obscura was fab. Very entertaining (children running full pelt into mirrors without a tear). Don't under any circumstances stay in room 508 at the Carlton Hotel though, unless you want to have your brain baked over night. Disgustingly hot room!sad

soontobeslendergirl Tue 30-Jul-13 14:21:03

3 nations, Vittorias, that's the one I was trying to think of, it's been a bit since we were out and about in Edinburgh and I couldn't remember the name. smile

3nationsfamily Tue 30-Jul-13 13:08:29

For Italians on Leith walk it has to be either Vittorias or La Favorita (Pizza speciality) both owned by the same family and great food/value/ family friendly. Vittoria Group

Unlurked Fri 26-Jul-13 12:58:52

Camera obscura is really good, as is dynamic earth.

There's free stuff on at the children's book festival every day too. My kids love seeing the street performers on the royal mile as well as going to actual shows. And of course when you get to the top of the royal mile you're almost at the castle!

BeaWheesht Fri 26-Jul-13 12:55:54

Camera obscura is brilliant. Ds first went at 3 and loved it.

greenfern Fri 26-Jul-13 12:36:57

Definitely do the bus tour it gives you so much info about Edinburgh. Loads of free entertainment around the High Street.

Edinburgh is buzzing this time of the year its has great atmosphere.

Hope you have a great time.

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