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Branscombe next week

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mckenzie Fri 12-Jul-13 21:52:05

thank you. Last year i lost them for a whole day pretty much while they searched for fossils on the beach at Lyme Regis and crabs in the rock pools - it was fab. I've had a look on line and I think you're right that they'll love Crealy. I think I'll love Escot though much more so i might not mention Crealy unless I really have to. Bicton gardens looks nice though too. Thanks again. That's a good bunch of ideas to keep us going.

TotallyEggFlipped Fri 12-Jul-13 21:42:10

They'll probably enjoy fossil hunting at Lyme Regis.
The donkey sanctuary is free to visit.
Seaton Tramway.
They're the perfect age for Crealy.

mckenzie Fri 12-Jul-13 21:38:57

thanks for the reply TEF. DS is 12, DD is 8 (going on 14)

TotallyEggFlipped Fri 12-Jul-13 21:38:11

How old are your DCs?
Bicton gardens (indoor & outdoor play areas, lovely gardens for picnic, duck & swans to feed)
Crealy (expensive)
There's a good soft play at Honiton if the weather is bad.
Axminster or Ottery St Mary for nice cafes. There's a River Cottage place at Axminster.

mckenzie Fri 12-Jul-13 21:25:07

The DCs and i are going to Branscombe next week for a few days. We've been once before and had very changeable weather although it looks like we might get great weather this time. We went to Beer to the caves and as that was only last year, I don't think we'll want to go again so soon. We'll have a day at Lyme Regis on the beach too but is there anything else that you think it's worth us doing or places we should go to please?


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