Does anyone know Bangor (Gwynedd)?

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VinegarDrinker Thu 11-Jul-13 14:14:47

We've got a wedding to go to in Bangor in September and could really do with some advice from any locals/anyone who knows the area. I know Snowdonia reasonably well but never been to Bangor.

We'll be coming from London on the train, probably on the Friday evening, and travelling back Monday lunchtime (to make the most of the journey). We have 2 DC who will be 2.5 yrs old and 12 weeks old. Wedding is Saturday afternoon/evening.

Where to stay - the Travelodge seems the highest rated place on TripAdvisor. Any reason to avoid it or suggestions for an alternative?

Car hire - I can only find these people and they don't seem to have any child seats available, although I'll email them to double check. Would it be possible to 'do' the local area at all without a car?

Stuff to do - what would be your suggestions for things to do locally with the DC? If we can hire a car we could head up to Anglesey or down to Snowdonia, maybe do a short walk or get the steam train from Caernarfon but I'm not sure if any of that would be possible without a car. What is Bangor itself like? Are there any beaches nearby? (allowing for Welsh September weather!)

Thanks in advance if anyone is able to answer any of this and apologies for epic length of the post!

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steppemum Thu 11-Jul-13 14:31:59

I went to uni in Bangor, - a good few years ago now!

Obviously it all depends on the weather, but Bangor itself is a bit of a dump, set in the middle of an amazing area.

i would be inclined (if you can get a car) to B&B out of town/on Anglesey. It is one a mile form Bangor to the Menai Bridge, so not far.

Not much to do in Bangor itself, but loads to do in area, beaches (Anglesey) , mountains - the railway to the top of snowden may still be open. castles etc

BikeRunSki Thu 11-Jul-13 14:42:25

Caernarfon castle is a good half day out if you
'Ll have a car. Beaches in N Wales are.lovely, we like Red Wharf Bay and Newborougb Sands, both Angelssey. Also, slate museum Llanberris, much better than it sounds, nice cafe and playground too.

VinegarDrinker Thu 11-Jul-13 15:00:31

Thanks both, fx we can get car hire sorted then.

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BikeRunSki Thu 11-Jul-13 17:38:56

I am surprised someone like Enterprise does not have a Bangor depot.

VinegarDrinker Thu 11-Jul-13 20:31:24

I'm just going by Google so far, it looks like several of the firms have depots in Llandudno Junction so I guess we could get the train there instead and drive over. Otherwise we could potentially take DS's seat with us on the train I guess but it'd be a massive PITA.

Or possibly a local MNer might know of other firms?

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Lizzylou Thu 11-Jul-13 20:41:39

Bangor pier is lovely, on a sunny day. We went to Penrhyn castle in Bangor and it was gewat, well worth a visit. Fab views and kids loved it. Anglesey is just gorgeous. Beaumaris isn't far from Bangor. Caernarfon and castle well worth a trip. You can buy a pass so you can visit loads of castles, Caernarfon, Harlech etc, works out very cheap.
I live that area. Personally, I would swerve Bangor Travelodge which is basically a sort of service station outside of town and stay at either the Premier Inn or Travelodge in Caernarfon. They both overlook the Menai straits.

BeerTricksPotter Thu 11-Jul-13 20:49:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mejon Thu 11-Jul-13 22:10:52

Greenwood is just outside Caernarfon and a great day out. We stayed at the Bangor Travelodge a few years ago - it was fine, but as Lizzylou said, it's just a service station outside the town and you'd need a car to get there/about. The one in Caernarfon is in the town so you can get about on foot and is in a much nicer setting (Premier Inn is next door).

cestlavielife Thu 11-Jul-13 23:56:24 Try them family firm can open outside hours for collection might be able to bring car to you at station

Or get a hotel in Central llandudno you can get taxi to it from station llandudno junction then get train to Bangor for the event. Regular trains to from Bangor . Llandudno lots to do You can walk to.... tram beach pier great orme cable car Farm etc bodafon farm park for your toddler .

cestlavielife Fri 12-Jul-13 00:02:21

Also train up from Llandudno junction to betws y coed lovely walks by river nice town and at station itself there is ride on postman pat and Thomas stuff at the station small train to ride on and eat in the railway carriage cafe.

I was brought up there and visit from London regularly with kids.... with just sat and sunday and an event you want to make it easy . connections from Llandudno much easier and it's lovely bay with nicer hotels than Bangor But easy to train or bus to Bangor just check last trains from evening do or pay a taxi to Llandudno

VinegarDrinker Fri 12-Jul-13 10:16:06

Brilliant,,thanks v much everyone

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Yankeecandlequeen Wed 24-Jul-13 15:14:46

I'm local to Bangor. Personally I'd stay in the Premier Inn at Parc Menai. Much nicer. Or stay in either TL/PI in Caernarfon - both spanking brand new. Tabkle Table next door, nicer walks.

For your toddler pop over to "Y Den" - soft play at Electric Mountain in Llanberis.

selsigfach Sat 03-Aug-13 22:36:31

I live just outside Bangor, which itself is pretty grim.
I would highly recommend staying at Pant Teg in Tregarth (village about 4m out of Bangor), lovely home from home, excellent breakfasts and friendly family-run place.
Getting around without a car is very difficult, and yes to getting a train to Llandudno Junction and picking up a car there (much cheaper than hiring in Bangor). Lovely walk I'd recommend is around Llyn Idwal - you get all the amazing views without massive exertion, walk around the eerie slate quarries in Dinorwig above Llanberis, visit to Newborough Beach on Anglesey, the second longest zip wire in the world is in Bethesda, (free) Slate Museum in Llanberis.

LieweHeksie Sat 03-Aug-13 22:41:07

The management centre is a great place to stay IME.

Fairyegg Tue 13-Aug-13 08:11:06

I'm pretty sure Derek's in Bangor hire out cars, google Derek's van hire, if not they' be able to point you In the right direction. Where is the wedding / reception, might give me a better idea of paces to recommend you stay. Bangor itself has a nice pier, there's also penrhyn castle. Lots of lovely beaches around, newborough is nice, lots of walks though the forest there. Your 2.5 year old will enjoy greenwood forest park. Llanberis has a lovey lake for duck feeding, boat hire etc. theres also a castle there, a steam train that goes round the lake (llanberis lake railway) and the slate museum and quarry hospital are worth a visit. Pila pala is a butterfly house just over the bridge in anglesey, handy for a rainy day. Plas newydd is another national trust place nearby. Conwy and beurmaris aren't to far away by car and worth a visit, nice little towns by the sea with castles and little gift shops.

Awakeagain Sat 17-Aug-13 17:15:03

I agree with other posts saying lots of lovely places on Anglesey (could pop over and try and spot royal baby wink)

Llandudno junction is an easy drive from Bangor so if car rental places are there could just get off train there and drive rest of journey to Bangor

I would agree with looking for other nearby places to stay, I'm sure you can go puffin watching on a boat from Beaumaris, I always wanted to do that when at uni in Bangor just ended up in the pubshock

A day at Llandudno I weather is nice would be good or a day it bets-y-coed
Bangor pier used to have lovely scones at the end of it

sarahandemily Sat 17-Aug-13 17:22:41

We recently went to a wedding near there and stayed at premier inn Caernarfon which was great as others have said. Me and my 3.5 year old spent a lovely day at foel farm park on Anglesey. Probably about 20 mins drive from Bangor. It's quite small but set up really well for little children and has a lovely friendly feel. I would highly recommend it

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