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Anyone stayed in a cottage in Scotland over the Christmas period?

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ReginaPhilangie Wed 10-Jul-13 12:36:12

We were thinking of doing it this year. We haven't had a holiday in about 4 years, and actually it would be quite nice to get away from my family the stress of Christmas. We're on a tight budget and maximum we could spend is around £500 - £600. I found this place on cottages4u.

There would be me, DH, 2 dds (10 and 6 - well 7 then), and DSD and her boyfriend. I thought staying going around the 23rd December for 4 or 5 nights. But, I'm a little worried about staying in a gorgeous cottage in the middle of nowhere (I actually have no idea if that cottage is in fact in the middle of nowhere) and well, getting bored. It's not like staying in a caravan in the summer where there's loads of entertainment on and days out. Most places will be shut down for Christmas, and it'll be freezing. (Although going on the past few Christmases you never can tell if you'll end up with a heatwave in December hmm).

So, has anyone else gone to stay in a little cottage with just immediate family over Christmas? Were you bored? Were the kids bored which would be even worse. Is it a bad idea?

SaidFlorence Wed 10-Jul-13 12:50:34

That is indeed the middle of nowhere. What about somewhere like this?

Then you'll have the benefit of entertainment and leisure centre etc and if you book a lodge, it will be warmer than a caravan.

SaidFlorence Wed 10-Jul-13 12:52:11

PS. I meant to add, knowing that are - yes it is incredibly beautiful, but is remote too and I would get bored. There are only so many freezing cold walks on the beach you can enjoy.

Somethingyesterday Wed 10-Jul-13 13:08:56

Regina I've done this (also in a cottage almost on the beach) and it can be magical. The place you linked looks reasonably spacious, so no-one would have to share with people they weren't used to.

The thing is, being so isolated, you'll take all the domestic work with you. Are you sure that all the adults will be willing to share the cooking? Absolutely do not go if your family enjoy watching you work!

And do all your party like being outside in the cold? Do they all get on well together?

ReginaPhilangie Wed 10-Jul-13 14:23:26

Thanks, for the link SaidFlorence will take a look.

Something DH and DSD are very good with the domestic side of things far more than me. wink They're both great cooks so I think I may be able to leave Christmas dinner to them. DSD's boyfriend is a bit of a lazy so and so but can put it up with him usually. grin Up until recently DSD lived at home and boyfriend stayed over frequently anyway so we're all quite used to each other. The appeal is actually not doing the usual traipsing around the rest of the family's houses over Christmas like we usually do.

I'm liking that all the bedrooms are en suite so we all have our own bathrooms (the kids will love that). Thought DSD and boyfriend could take the downstairs bedroom to give them some privacy at night time. wink I'm thinking taking lots of board games, DVDs, etc and the kids will have their presents come Christmas day.

The biggest appeal is actually the isolation, I'm loving the idea of being shut off from the world for a few days (although not totally shut off, I may bring my laptop so I occasionally MN blush). I'm just worried the kids may get bored and also DSD and boyfriend as they're in their early twenties and heavily into nights out and the clubbing scene.

Hmmm, DH is totally up for the idea, it's whether DSD is up for it really.

Somethingyesterday Wed 10-Jul-13 14:30:25

I'm constantly hearing that its good for children to experience boredom - and I'm inclined to agree. But they won't be!

You may want to check the phone reception if you'll be relying on mobiles.

Other than that it sounds a treat. I should book it quickly!

CuriosityCola Wed 10-Jul-13 21:27:24

You are only 30 minute drive from skating, cinema, swimming etc... Plus lots of nice pubs in all the little villages around you.

Agree about the phone reception. There are certain areas around there where I don't get reception (or had to stand in the bottom of a garden). A lot of places don't have wifi either.

I think you will love it.

Catmint Wed 10-Jul-13 21:29:14

Ooh, no but I. Would love to! Have a lovely time!

mrscumberbatch Wed 10-Jul-13 21:35:59

I have stayed in cottages at Xmas but found it a bit miserable as the weather has been dreich and there's something nice about seeing other families enjoying that time of year as well.

Best Xmas /NY we spent was here on Loch Fyne... it had the perfect mixture of remoteness, luxury and entertainment for the children. (But nothing twee or irritating, just thoughtful bits like free boardgames in the rooms or lego in the restaurant etc.... plus visits from Santa, outdoor games etc.)

mummymeister Thu 11-Jul-13 09:55:47

be prepared is all I would say. if the weather is bad you could have trouble getting there, getting back and be stuck inside so as long as you cover all of this you should have a great time.

fenellafitzgerald Mon 15-Jul-13 22:38:37

OP the farmhouse you are looking at is not in the middle of nowhere. Galloway may be the forgotten corner of Scotland but it is very accessible. Before I clicked on the link I thought from SaidFlorences post that you were down a single track road in the wilds of Sutherland. Granted DSD will not find wild nightlife in Newton Stewart, Kirkcudbright or Castle Douglas but we have spent many happy inter-generational Christmases in rented properties in this part of the world and can highly recommend it.

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