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Featherdown farms! What to take!

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magentastardust Sat 22-Jun-13 22:16:01

I think most of them have a little honesty type shop with basics but you probably would want to take some food with you? We took some cereal and snacks for the children. The farmers wife baked us a cake for arrival which was lovely!

Torches I would say to take, especially if you have little ones its part of the fun!
Can't remember if you need to take toilet roll?
We did it a couple of years ago with DCs aged 4,7 and 7weeks and had a lovely time.

littlepeas Fri 21-Jun-13 08:26:20

We go on Monday! Total glamping virgins. I find the website a bit vague - it gives the impression we don't really need to bring any food, we can buy it all there, is that right? Because we've never glamped, (or camped) before, I am a bit nervous about getting it horribly wrong. I assume it would be a good idea to bring some basic food bits?

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