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whoops, left it late for booking hotel near, er muirfield golf thingy?

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LowLevelWhinging Mon 17-Jun-13 22:46:56

Can anyone recommend somewhere a taxi ride away? Self catering or not. just SOMEWHERE.

(not camping though)

(or caravanning)

LowLevelWhinging Mon 17-Jun-13 22:59:22

is Edinburgh a possibility? or is it too far?

BeaWheesht Mon 17-Jun-13 23:07:29

here maybe? 8 miles ish

BeaWheesht Mon 17-Jun-13 23:11:12

Have you tried The Golf Inn or the grey walls hotel

BeaWheesht Mon 17-Jun-13 23:14:56

North Berwick, Haddington, longniddry, prestonpans and Musselburgh areas all probably worth a look. Don't know re taxi costs tjough

LowLevelWhinging Mon 17-Jun-13 23:43:13

grey walls is booked.

am kicking myself that I bought golf-loving DP a golfy pressie for christmas, then totally forgot that we should book somewhere to actually sleep...

will get googling the others thank you!

bico Mon 17-Jun-13 23:50:28

Everywhere I looked wanted a huge amount of money for the entire week of the Open. Cottages that would normally be £500 for the week are £5000 and even at that price mostly booked. Good luck. We are camping in Dunbar!

LowLevelWhinging Mon 17-Jun-13 23:54:24

oh balls sad

3nationsfamily Thu 27-Jun-13 14:26:04

There is a train service from Edinburgh with a shuttle bus to the golf, so that opens up all the hotels in Edinburgh- the train is less than an hour . At this stage it is probably your best bet.

LowLevelWhinging Thu 27-Jun-13 17:01:40

Brilliant thank you 3nations! I've actually booked a nice Edinburgh hotel and we were just going to figure out how to get there. So that news is a big relief for me!

3nationsfamily Fri 28-Jun-13 10:15:33

This is the link to the Train to Open

badguider Fri 28-Jun-13 10:19:45

I'd stay VERY close to the train station in Edinburgh if I were you - somewhere like the Jury's Inn on Jeffrey Street is in sight of waverley station so that you just hop right onto the train at waverley.

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