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Isle of Wight day trip while the festival's on?

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mistressploppy Mon 10-Jun-13 18:51:02

Bad idea or not? We want to go for the day on Saturday 15th. Assuming we can get on a ferry, will it be awful during the festival (13th - 16th)? What about transport on the island - jam-packed or not?



mistressploppy Mon 10-Jun-13 21:14:55


beachyhead Mon 10-Jun-13 21:21:49

Not sure it's a good idea, although most people going over will have gone Thursday or Friday, so only latecomers on Saturday. I wouldn't take the car as some roads are just completely stuffed...

mummymeister Tue 11-Jun-13 07:41:08

Yes bad idea - small island limited numbers of ways off and on wait until the following weekend or take lots of car games to play in the jams.

Curlew Tue 11-Jun-13 07:41:50

Really, really bad idea. Honestly. Just don't!

mistressploppy Tue 11-Jun-13 11:17:23

Right, thanks guys - you've confirmed my suspicions so were off to hang out in the rain in West Wittering instead grin

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