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Cambridge Theatre to see Matilda with DS2 - please help plan our trip. I am clueless

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PacificDogwood Tue 04-Jun-13 21:46:32

I can still get tickets for the 21. June.

We need to travel from Scotland.
If train, is East or West Coast route better?
Which train station in London would be best to be arriving at?

Any reasonably priced places to stay nearby? Premier Inn type standard?

I am totally clueless as far as The Big Smoke goes. I am staring at Google maps to get an idea where things are and am slightly overwhelmed.
There was a time I considered myself a seasoned traveller, but clearly not any more blush.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

And if anybody knows where I could get tickets for that weekend for less than 82 pounds per person... shock

Picturesinthefirelight Fri 14-Jun-13 22:19:26

We saw Matilda last year

We always stay in Zpremier Inn. Stayed in Euston, Kinfs Cross & South Kensington ones.

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