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Stopoff places on drive to Cornwall - Any ideas?

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ellasmum1 Tue 11-Jun-13 20:17:22

a few years ago i went down to cornwall and some lovely mumsnetter advised stopping at a garden centre on route which had a nice cafe and a nice playground with a pirate ship..called Sanders garden world off was a while back though

LaChaiseVerte Fri 31-May-13 21:26:42

Bit late but maybe for way back! Kenniford Farm os close to Exeter Services at j30 m5 - animals, cafe, loos, swings etc.

Killerton House (nt) is between 28 & 29

serin Fri 24-May-13 13:32:41

Dunster castle?

BlueChampagne Thu 23-May-13 11:16:32

If National Trust or English Heritage members, dig out your handbook!

fion Wed 22-May-13 11:46:27

Thanks for suggestions. Will try to avoid doggers

Ktay Mon 20-May-13 19:56:41

We stopped at a sweet place in Somerset last September. Can't remember the name but a quick google (ignoring the result from our friends at pistonheads recommending it as a dogging spot...) suggests it is Cartgate. Not much to it but the cafe was nice and it was a pleasant non-chain spot to stop for a brew

furbaby Mon 20-May-13 19:44:18

Sorry just re read and see you want a stop after yeovil , sorry not sure that side sad

furbaby Mon 20-May-13 19:42:35

Nine springs at Yeovil is nice . Good playground and walks through the woods . Pizza hut is close as well for a spot of lunch . Shaftsbury is nice as well . I live near a30 and trying to think of more .

EachAndEveryHighway Mon 20-May-13 19:41:19

Ditto!! Going from Yorkshire, normally do the whole thing in one big drive with a couple of service station stops but playgrounds / picnic areas would be much more civilised! So watching with interest.

TiredFeet Mon 20-May-13 19:37:41

no suggestions but I am thinking of a trip to cornwall and will need to do the same so hopefully some one will be along with some

fion Mon 20-May-13 00:02:08

We're driving to Cornwall for the half term and looking for a nice place to stop off, ideally with a playground or something to steatch legs. Does anyone have any tips??? We're taking the A30 and want to stop past Yeoville ideally.

MAny thanks

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