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Watford - where should we eat?

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mummatotwo Mon 13-May-13 14:59:23

We are staying this week and at night/tea time want somewhere decent to eat, open to suggestions. Us and DS age 8

RakeABedOfTyneFilth Mon 13-May-13 15:26:49

Hmmmm. Watford is not exactly a culinary destination.

There is a crop of new restaurants at the near-bottom end of the High Street - three in a row in a lovely white art-deco-ish building, of which one is a Carluccio's. You generally have all the family-friendly chain options in that area - Pizza Express, Zizzi, Ask, Prezzo. A little further down there is a Lebanese restaurant which I have been to and thought was very good. At the very top of the high street it is pedestrianised and has a La Tasca, Nando's etc. Oh and Yates's Wine Lodge. hmm grin

My next recommendation would be a South Indian (i.e. mostly vegetarian) restaurant on Merton Road quite near the centre, which google maps tells me is called Rathiga. Parking is a bit crap around there but you might walk easily if you're staying near the centre.

If you need to eat on a Tuesday, Friday or Saturday lunchtime, go to the Charter Place Market. There is an utterly excellent sushi/noodle bar there, also a very good Indian cafe (I think these two share seating), and smaller counters for Caribbean and African hot food.

mummatotwo Tue 14-May-13 09:32:54

The Lebanese looks absolutely lovely, would love to try but dont think anything for DS.

Where do you go with your kids everyone???

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