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London in the summer to watch Les Miserables. Is Chiswick high rd too far out to stay?

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tiredemma Sat 04-May-13 16:37:21

Looking for accom in London for August. It's obviously mega bucks central London but I've found a good deal on last minute in chiswick. But is it too far out? Don't want to spend ages trying to get into London, or have a drama on the night trying to get transport back out.

Any Londoners out there that can advise? My friend recently stayed in 'tune hotel' in east London and suggested there, but it has no windows!!

WeAreNinjaNotGeisha Sat 04-May-13 16:45:46

Chiswick would probably be annoyingly far - coming back would mean looooooooong rides on night buses or an expensive cab. Save your sanity and find somewhere closer. Loads of places in London - if you want to stay east, Hotel Re in Hackney is affordable, clean and easy for transportation (& has windows!!)

TanteRose Sat 04-May-13 16:49:17


I've booked two nights in August with them for 6 people, bed and breakfast

Mintyy Sat 04-May-13 16:51:19

Chiswick will be fine! The tube runs til midnight at least, and there are night buses. Can't understand the problem. Chiswick is also a lovely area of London with some gorgeous things to see and do locally.

cestlavielife Tue 07-May-13 12:18:14

theatre shows finish by 10 30 or 11 pm so plenty of time to get tube train home to chiswick ! nice pubs by river in chiswick, parks etc.

swlmum Tue 07-May-13 14:00:05

Not too far at all and a nice place to stay.
There is also a premier inn at putney bridge literally 2 mins from the tube and right by river, parks etc. might be worth a look too.
Stay west/ south west rather than East! But I am biased!

drwitch Tue 07-May-13 14:10:12

Picadilly circus to Hammersmith is about 20 mins, then you just need to cross the platfrom to get the district line to turnham green (3 stops). No problem at all, Last tube leaves central london around midnight

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