Bluestone - charges and customer services

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olliesmom Mon 22-Apr-13 15:18:33

Hello I have posted in AIBU but wanted to post here today as maybe people have paid the charges that I have been asked to pay at Bluestone holiday park. £50 to pay for 3 lodges to be together and an additonal £60 per lodge to check in before 4.30. I was really excited about this break but really am put off by these charges any opinons please??

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mummymeister Mon 22-Apr-13 19:11:06

they are doing it because they can. I would e mail them now and let them know that thousands of people have seen this post on mumsnet and they aren't going to come out of it well unless they refund. they are only jumping on the airline band wagon charging for the seats you want.

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