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Sands Resort /Bedruthan Steps / some such other hotel??? Reassure me how relaxing it will be staying in a hotel with 3 DCs under 5...

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KBwan Thu 04-Apr-13 10:47:39

I've spent many (slightly arduous hours) looking up 'family friendly hotels' on the internet and found a few with interconnecting rooms that look like they have the potential to be great.

But they vary so much in price, and I've finally acceted there are very few real 'bargains' in life - you tend to get what you pay for.
However, Sands prices seem to be half those of Bedruthan, with Watergate Bay being in the middle.

My husband looked at the price and said Sands must be like a Butlins (where I spent many happy holidays as a child... His family used to hang out in Ascona).

Can anyone reassure me that Sands is clean and will be relaxing (or as much as is possible), or is it worth paying the extra?
Or does anyone else have some amazing suggestions? We usually hire a cottage but I've discovered that cooking, tidying up and shopping for food feels pretty much the same anywhere!


AuntieBrenda Thu 04-Apr-13 11:02:36

Shamelessly marking place because I'm interested in this too! smile

spababe Mon 08-Apr-13 16:29:10

ok I have been to both. Sands was about 8 years ago and it was higher than a Butlins standard about 3-4 star. Lots to do to keep the children happy and on the edge of Newquay. They had a talk one evening for the kids by someone from the SeaLife centre. It was a long time ago but I wasn't happy with the child care (can't remember why) so didn't leave my children in the kids club.

Bedruthan is better qaulity everything at least 4 star. We went a couple of years ago also last year although my children are older now. The adult only bit of the spa is lovely but small. Food was delicious and mostly local and very high quality. Both Newquay and Padstein are fairy close and worth a visit although Newquay has more attractions for smaller children. I did not use the kids club the second time but the first time I did because we could not eat with the children and I also booked a babysitter one night. There is an adult only dining room now and one that can be enjoyed as a family so that has changed. Lots of really nice food choices in the family dining room.

I liked them both - thought they were great with small and not so small children. Sands is more child centred as Bedruthan offers non child options of spa, dining and also a lounge - depends if you want that or not. Both are located on the cliff above fantastic beaches.

TheGashlycrumbTinies Mon 08-Apr-13 16:44:07

Stayed at Bedruthan at least 8 times, although not in the last 2 years, as DD's are older.

Was fab when they were tiny, as it is very child friendly.

We did notice it had started to look a little tired, and lots of the choices that were there in the first couple of years had been lost, esp., at meal times.

We used to stay in the villa suites, they had a child's bedroom, with en suite, a little hallway in between, then our very large room, again with en suite, and patio doors looking straight out to sea.

We have also stayed at Watergate, in one of their cottages, we only did this once...

I think the thing that has put us off now is that, every holiday, apart from one it rained, and rained, and rained. There is only so many times you want that from a holiday! smile

katgod Tue 09-Apr-13 10:51:49

Am sitting in a lounge at Sands as I type. I read this query after we booked but before we left and have had nagging doubts ever since!
With all holidays with small children the main factor, IMO, is your own children- will they sleep, will they eat the food, are they well behaved? If the answer is no, no matter how much you spend it won't be relaxing!
So, the room is large, the beds comfortable, we have big bed (bigger than the king we have at home), the decor is neutral and modern. The location is fab, we have stunning sea view and it is less than 5 minutes walk at 2 year old pace to a safe sandy beach. The food has been tasty, and we have liked the flexibility to eat together as a family some nights but do children's early tea on others. Some places we have been have not allowed under 8s to eat other than at kids tea, so this has worked better for us. My 2 year old has gone to Pirates Club this morning- she's never been to a group child care before, but the staff were very welcoming and she pottered off without a second glance. The playgrounds (2, one for older kids, one for little ones, the latter with plenty of benches for grown ups to sit and watch from) are well kept and varied, there is a football pitch, tennis court, maze, grass areas etc, so on a warm day there would be room for little ones to let off steam and roam about. We drove past Bedruthin yesterday and its position, perched on a cliff, made me wonder how much outside space there would be. It is also very ugly from the outside! And further to the beach. But Sands is not exactly an architectural gem either, and is certainly much better on the inside than it looks from the outside! Not been to Butlins, but there is def no forced joining in Or overwhelming entertainment. There was a guitar player one night, a kids disco followed by an adults music quiz another, but these are in one room, and the main bar and other lounges etc are there if quiz/disco/etc not your thing. We are having a relaxing holiday! WAtergate Bay has a stunning location, but again not sure if any outdoor space. Obviously it is right on the beach, and that's fab, but if your little ones decide they don't like sand, or really want a go on a swing I think it is nice to have the option. I'm planning on WB for when my youngest is a bit older. We've been to Knoll House, Ickworth and Woolacombe previously, they all have family rooms. They all have positives and negatives, although I am struggling for a negative re Sands apart from the ugliness of the building. Hope that helps.

TheGashlycrumbTinies Tue 09-Apr-13 16:29:09

Agree Bedruthan Steps is hideously ugly from the outside, we were a bit shocked the first time we went.

WB does have some out side places, as does Bedruthan, can't comment on Sands, never been there.

Have also enjoyed Ickworth lots of times, but again felt it was becoming a little tired over our visits.

KBwan Tue 09-Apr-13 21:27:03

Thank you all for your replies... Especially you Katgod for spending some of your precious holiday writing your review!
Was going to email Sands about how far the refurbishment has come on... the website says 'we are working hard to make our rooms look like this' and the pictures are great, but who knows???

Will also have a look at Ickworth after the recommendations!

Thanks everyone.
See you soon AuntieBrenda?

sleepdodger Tue 09-Apr-13 21:32:30

We had great time at sands with dc then 18mo
Couldn't afford bed steps
Great listening service
Good food
Layout of rooms for families
Loads of facillities
Go for it!

traintracks Sun 05-May-13 13:12:34

Sands is great, we have just booked to go there for the third time. Staff really helpful.

alienbanana Sun 05-May-13 13:14:29

Watergate is the best with kids imo. Its right on the beach and has just had a full refurb.

Bedruthan is the best hotel though, bit isn't it on the cliff?

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