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Romantic cottage in Devon with 'private' hot tub?

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TastesLikePanda Sun 24-Mar-13 16:23:35

For a 'naice' weekend away wink
Ideally I'd like to stay somewhere nice and secluded, with a private hot tub, or nice private balcony, so can do wine drinking and romantic stuffs...

Have you been anywhere like this, that you could reccomend?

Pascha Sun 24-Mar-13 16:26:28

Not Devon, but I can recommend a nice barn conversion just like that in the Peak District if thats any use?

Pascha Sun 24-Mar-13 16:27:23

Or a cottage in Somerset.

Sunshinewithshowers Sun 24-Mar-13 16:32:26

TastesLikePanda Sun 24-Mar-13 16:43:34

Somerset might work, if it's not too cheeky, thanks! Peak District a wee bit too far for this time, but might work for a longer break...

TastesLikePanda Sun 24-Mar-13 16:45:32

That's beautiful Sunshine, thank you! Loving the idea of the private chef!

Pascha Sun 24-Mar-13 16:47:49

Here you go

Sunshinewithshowers Sun 24-Mar-13 16:48:32


Can i come ?

Pascha Sun 24-Mar-13 16:49:01

and the Peak District one for future reference

TastesLikePanda Sun 24-Mar-13 17:04:35

Err... might be a tad awkward wink

Thanks Pascha!

Sunshinewithshowers Sun 24-Mar-13 18:33:38


Have fun x

bowyert1 Mon 25-Mar-13 12:31:13

How about room 118 at the ImperialHotelTorquay this room has a large private terrace overlooking Torquay harbour and the room is massive with a great spa within the 4 star hotel.

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