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Help! Easter weekend holiday fix needed...

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mummymeister Sun 24-Mar-13 11:13:14

have a look at lastminute-cottages website to see what they have also the tourist board websites are pretty good are showing who has something over Easter. visitdevon and visitcornwall sites are good. also have a look at cartwheelholidays as they do farm holidays. cant think of any more at the moment but these are websites that we have used and found really good in the past. good luck - try and avoid the snow too i guess.

ediblewoman Sun 24-Mar-13 07:51:05

We were due to go to a Featherdown farm for Easter weekend. Unfortunately my DD 2 was admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties this week and whilst we are now home and she is much better, we have been told that taking her camping even in a tent with a woodburner would be v foolish. Fair enough and we don't want to do anything that would be risky.

This does leave us wanting to find a weekend break (4/5 nights) for everyone next weekend. There's five of us, me, DH, DSD 12, DS 5, and DD 2. We need something within a couple of hours drive of Brighton for about £500. Any ideas? Thank goodness the travel insurance will cover the cancellation of Featherdown.

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