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Static Caravan holiday - what do I need to know

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sonlypuppyfat Thu 13-Jun-13 17:05:38

I always take a knife my own pillow a few thin throws good for beach as well. I've found a small slow cooker handy as well, nice to come back to a nice meal.We've always gone on these type of holidays and my kids have always loved them

StaceyP85 Thu 13-Jun-13 17:00:23

Agree with WrydMother, that grading is important.
If you are going when it's a bit chilly, then recommend you go for Gold, as these often have heating in the bedrooms as well as lounge.

Where are you looking to go?

StillGotBabyBrain Sun 26-May-13 21:32:22

I have a static caravan for rent nr Great Yarmouth.

If you are still looking for somewhere, then look at Cherry tree park and if you are interested, contact me for a competitive rate :-)

MsPepperminCreams Wed 27-Mar-13 07:17:51

We're taking a wok, as the frying pans are tiny (ok for bacon) so will give us more options.

We are only travelling 3 hours and going for 3 nights so will be taking a cool bag with frozen meats/garlic bread/milk etc as I don't want to be shopping when we get there. #They will continue defrosting in the fridge once we are there. There are M&S services stations on our route so I'll see what fresh fruit they've got on route. Will bring tinned peaches, and long life fruit juice.

Electric blanket.

We did a Park Holidays trip in October Half Term, and are going to a Haven one in a few weeks. Looking forward to it. smile

PinkyCheesy Sat 16-Mar-13 13:51:47

From where you are, please can I recommend the Park Resorts park at Waterside in Essex. Its right by the sea, has a playground, bar and small indoor pool. Park Resorts are small but v friendly. Loads of beaches/woods/watery things to do nearby. Lots of geocaching too! (fun and free)

Deffo agree with above. Take
extra pillows
story books
DVDs (but often the players don't work properly or have no instructions)
loads of little toys
tin opener
sharp knives
decent frying pan if you like frying
microwaveable dishes
lots of easy-cook stuff
coins for arcade games!

Even in their bronze vans you get an oven with proper hob, plus microwave and fridge. But no freezer. I usually take a couple of frozen one-pot meals which defrost over the first few days. One night is always fish n chips! We never use the entertainments or bars, but they look like fun. And my kids always find others to play with soon after arriving grin

soaccidentprone Fri 15-Mar-13 17:41:59

I'd add:

take a corkscrew

the bathrooms are tiny

take a couple of large thin towels that you can tuck into the curtain rail to act as curtains. the ones in caravans are usually very thin, so as soon as it is light DC wake upsad making the room darker can get you another hour in bedgrin

if it's early in the season, caravans can get cold at night. maybe take a hot water bottle with you to warm the bed

go for simple food - most supermarkets do bags of stir fry veg that you can heat up in a frying pan, or soup is easy to do with some bread

if your DC are young take a couple of bean bags to practice throwing and catching

waterproofs and wellies are essential (unless you are lucky)

take a small box with essentials ie salt, pepper, vinegar, cooking oil, red sauce, sugar, t-bags, matches and a first aid kit.

we've had some brilliant holidays in caravans, in fact dh asked me to marry him in a caravan in Walesgrin

pizzaqueen Fri 15-Mar-13 17:00:31

Online shop - it depends on the caravan site whether supermarkets will deliver there and you need to know your caravan number in advance to book the delivery slot, which on some parks you won't know until you arrive. Saves time and effort when you get there if you can arrange for this.

My son is only 2 and a half but we've had three great caravan holidays since he was born (and one dire one)!

LtEveDallas Fri 15-Mar-13 16:54:25

We love it BeCool. Its not a 'cool' or 'happening' place - I suppose its one of the more run down seaside towns (My DBro calls it 'ChavCentral' but then he's a dick who can afford to go somewhere upmarket!)

It's cheap and cheerful, has loads going on and DD is in her element. We love the mixture of people, the haves and have nots, the bright lights, loud music and lots of fun!

We go down lots of weekends and school holidays and DD always cries on the day we have to leave. I relax down there, whereas at home there is always something I need to be doing. I enjoy going out to eat at night and not worrying about the washing up!

Prob too far for you though - its on the SW Coast?

BeCool Fri 15-Mar-13 16:31:40

that sounds perfect LtEveDallas.

(I never realised Haven was static caravans)

LtEveDallas Fri 15-Mar-13 15:56:41

Look for a seaside town with a lot going on rather than just a caravan site. Our caravan park has nothing, just accommodation, but is within 15 mins walking of a permanent fair, 5 mins to beach (and horses), 15 mins swimming pool, 10 pubs (5 with kids entertainment) all of which do meals, 4 amusement arcades, shops, chippy, newsagent etc and its within 40 mins drive of a whole host of animal parks, beauty spots, entertainment areas etc.

If you look for somewhere like that then the prices are likely to be cheaper for static hire, than the places like Haven where everything is on site and you pay a premium for it.

BeCool Fri 15-Mar-13 15:34:05

get an online shop delivered to the caravan.
I was thinking about doing this. Have you done it before pizzaqueen? The delivery people can cope?

pizzaqueen Fri 15-Mar-13 15:31:00

Oh and on site shops are usually really expensive with little choice so take food with you , drive to a large supermarket when you arrive or get an online shop delivered to the caravan.

If you go to a big site with 'mascots' for the kids they'll likely pester you to get all the merchandise glow sticks etc which is expensive so buy it cheap on eBay and pound shop glow sticks before you go.

pizzaqueen Fri 15-Mar-13 15:28:10

Decide whether your looking for facilities on site or not that will determine what sites to look on. You can get large sites with the full works (kids clubs, swimming pools, soft play, entertainment, resteraunts, take aways, bar, sports, climbing wall etc) like Haven, Butlins etc or smaller sites with literally just a shop and bar.

We always pay the extra to upgrade to a silver/gold caravan as having heating and the beds made up for arrival makes all the difference. Also they tend to be more modern and comfortable.

You didn't say where about you are and how far you want to travel but we've been too the following sites:
- Craig Tara (Haven) amazing facilities and lots nearby to explore
- Weymss Bay - dreadful site, really run down, dirty swimming pool etc
- Seton Sands (Haven) lovely, good facilities and lots nearby but not as big as Craig Tara

BeCool Fri 15-Mar-13 15:24:08

Pack light, try to re-use clothes - there isn't much storage space.
I drive a Polo - not much option but to pack light wherever we go grin

Startail Fri 15-Mar-13 15:23:37

The twice I've stayed they are fun, but first night at Easter was very very cold.

After that we left all the doors open and the fire on full, while we had tea and got ready for bed.

We also scronged sleeping bags from near by DSIL

BeCool Fri 15-Mar-13 15:23:17

I'm thinking seaside within 3 hours drive of London - I see some places have heated pools etc on site and as I'll be on my own with 2 wee ones that appeals. Fresh air also appeals!! Beyond that, I'm easy.

I've only done "holiday camp" entertainment once - early 90's, cheap package holiday in Mallorca. Might have more appeal now I've got 2 DC smile

FireOverBabylon Fri 15-Mar-13 15:19:31

LtEve it would seem that we've had very similar holidays! grin

FireOverBabylon Fri 15-Mar-13 15:18:31

Also take scissors, a bottle opener and a tin opener - they're the things most likely to be absent from the caravan kitchen / not working.

Make sure you take more jumpers than you need and a blanket per bed so if it gets really cold you have extra layers to add to the bedding that's already there.

Knowing the current blasted weather, take waterproof trousers and newspaper to stick the wellies on not bitter about our caravan holiday 2 years ago where the van turned into a Chinese laundry with so many wet clothes because of the rain, oh no

I've also found it helps to take a couple of new toys and books for DS so he has something new to keep him interested whilst you're unpacking.

LtEveDallas Fri 15-Mar-13 15:18:09

We own a static is a seaside town. I'd say:

Pack light, try to re-use clothes - there isn't much storage space.
Thin towels - they take too long to dry otherwise.
Slippers and dressing gowns - floors are always cold.
Simple 'one-pot' meals are best, you will only have a small oven, with one shelf and you may only get two gas rings.
If your gas use is included in the price you pay then leave the fire on, it will make a big difference.
If the static isnt centrally heated (ours isnt) and If you get cold at night then pack a fleece blanket to use as your 'bottom sheet' - it makes a huge difference.
Try to choose a site with a club house or entertainment during the day as well as the evening. Lots of wet days in UK!

That's all for now, I'll try and think of more later. Whereabouts do you think you want to go?

BeCool Fri 15-Mar-13 15:08:53

Thank you!! This is very useful.

I usually take a sharp knife on self catering holiday too Sirzy smile

Sirzy Fri 15-Mar-13 15:06:30

Keep an eye out for special offers you can get much more for your money that way.

Get the best van you can afford. Consider sites carefully - they range from tiny sites with just the vans on to massive entertainment complex type ones.

I always take a frying pan with me as the ones in caravans are often rubbish

WyrdMother Fri 15-Mar-13 15:00:59

Wow. I've just read that back and realised it was all negative, we have actually had some really good holidays in statics grin.

WyrdMother Fri 15-Mar-13 14:58:44

Pitfalls I've found

There's usually different levels of caravan, (bronze, silver and gold say) and there's a big variation in quality within those bands.

Also a big variation in the number and quality of facilities from site to site when owned by the same company, this is not always made clear on the website. We booked a holiday in Kent with a company we'd had a fantastic experience of in Wales and it was dire.

Avoid periods where there is a major sporting tournament on because that will be on constantly in the bar.

Off season the entertainment (if there is any) may be more limited and that also may not be clear on the website.

Pick an area where there is plenty to interest you off site so you are not reliant on on site entertainment.

Bring plenty of clothes as the laundry facilities vary a lot and if you hand wash it can take ages for stuff to dry on the airers they provide that hang out the window.

Obviously check any online reviews of the site you fancy and if you have any problems when you get there make an assertive fuss straight away, we've had some good free upgrades that way.

Hope you have a good time!

BeCool Fri 15-Mar-13 14:31:27

The DC & I are in desperate need of a break but ££ is tight. I'm thinking of a short seaside break in a static caravan. The websites I've come across are "clunky" shall we say.

Any tips as to what to look for in a seaside static caravan rental? pitfalls? etc? I've never done it before (or even actually seen a static caravan though I can camp)

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