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Family friendly hotel - Southwold or anywhere 1 - 2 hours from London

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Norfolkdad Mon 25-Feb-13 10:33:08

I think you sound like you are already sold on Southwold and i'm not suprised. It is such a lovely place. I can recommend the Swan Hotel & The Sutherland from own experience. You can see a full list of hotels on the Southwold Tourism website. See here for Southwold Hotels - Hope the weather is good and you enjoy your stay in Southwold in Suffolk.

floatinginthesea Mon 18-Feb-13 20:00:04

Hi, can anyone recommend a family hotel about 1 -2 hours from London for a couple of nights in Easter? I was thinking maybe Southwold or somewhere similar but am open to any suggestions really please. Thank you!

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