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Best places in the UK to take the DC's?

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Roseformeplease Sun 17-Feb-13 16:28:30

We live in Scotland and would recommend here, very highly. Edinburgh is brilliant because everything is walkable. We love the Highlands,particularly the West as the beaches are amazing. Also, Northumberland, Londond. Everywhere! Devon is really crowded if you compare it with Scotland so try some proper wild places. Pm me if you want more specific advice.

Wewereherefirst Sun 17-Feb-13 16:24:04

We live in Devon so we have lots of beautiful places to visit and DH and I are both Londoners by birth so we do go there to visit when we can, but I want to take the DC's to other places in the UK.

I want to explore the UK more before we head abroad, so where's the best places in the UK to visit? It doesn't have to be all entertainment for children- some grown up ideas welcomed too smile

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