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N.Wales accom with steam train passing by the window

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Blessyou Sat 09-Feb-13 23:45:15

Hi. DS's are steam train mad.
Looking for reasonably priced cottage/caravan site in N.Wales where the steam train passes right by.
Sleeps 4.
Anyone any recommendations please?

zumo Sun 10-Feb-13 20:03:27

We stayed here in Oct last year, it backs on to a kids play ground and the Manx railway station, sheer bliss for a train spotter!

Only problem is its not in Wales
Lots of nice places near the Railway, I would stay near Abersoch or Criccieth and commute to the train in Parthmadoc

VivaLeBeaver Sun 10-Feb-13 20:05:37

Bedgellert would be a good village to stay in. Beautiful place with a steam train station. Can't help with a cottage as we stay in the Pyg hotel. Fab icecream in the village.

VinegarDrinker Sun 10-Feb-13 20:10:24

I was going to say Beddgelert too, this campsite has its own stop on the steam train!

zumo Sun 10-Feb-13 20:28:29

Another vote for Bedgellet, some nice cottages near the green just over the river, coupld of good pubs, the Icecream / Itallian place is excellent, it can be wet though, but if it is drive towards Criccieth etc and its often dry when it rains in Bedgellert

zumo Sun 10-Feb-13 20:30:12

The site mentioned above is very good, the locatiotion was used for the film Tomb Raider, take some insect repellant though as its near a lake, you can have a camp fire too so the lads will love it.

moondog Sun 10-Feb-13 20:32:40

This one too but less to do in the area than in Beddgelert.
Still nice thouh.

Blessyou Sun 10-Feb-13 21:08:53

Thank you everyone for the suggestions.
zumo that Manx one looks lovely, but the website won't let me check rates/availability just now.
The campsite at Beddgelert looks fab, but we don't have tent. I may think about borrowing my sisters, so thanks for the idea.
moondog are there trains running by the place in your link? There must be trains! grin

I suppose North Yorks or even Lancaster/Lakes could be an option, if anyone has any other suggestions would love to hear them smile

loopsngeorge Sun 10-Feb-13 22:06:23

We are staying here in May and the railway line runs right past. Apparently there are sometimes steam trains on this line in the summer.

moondog Mon 11-Feb-13 09:05:46

Yes, there are as I have passed it.
I am amazed they don't mention it though!

eatyourveg Mon 11-Feb-13 20:22:15

These are all on the ffestiniog railway We stayed here last spring and are thinking about this place later this year.

I know the area well and both cottages are a few feet from the train track!

For the ultimate train buff experience though, try this place - you have your own request stop and platform!

eatyourveg Mon 11-Feb-13 20:31:27

loopsngeorge I know the place. Its a former (perhaps still is in term time) hall of residence for the college. It used to be girls only. The trains are every two hours - not sure if the steam train (The Cambrian Express) still runs. It only did one year or maybe two. You are right on the golf course which has a path across through the dunes leading to the beach (Don't go down the beach road - its where everyone goes - go across the dunes and the beach will be deserted.)

Blessyou Mon 11-Feb-13 23:24:46

Thanks again everyone.
eatyourveg they all look great for us, thank you! Unsurprisingly, they are heavily booked, so am still open to suggestions in case these don't work out smile

eatyourveg Tue 12-Feb-13 08:08:27

This place is still available in the summer hols £500pw Its not right on the railway but in the woods and the train goes through the woods and around the lake which is v v close. Tan y bwlch station (in the woods too) is great. As kids we used to wait down by the lake to hear the train toot and then rush up the path through the woods to beat the train to the station. If you look on an ordinance survey you'll see how close you are, you're just not next to the track as you would be with the others

Your other option is to head to Porthmadog where the ffestiniog and welsh highland railway start/finish. The south snowdon wharf development is only 100 yards from the station. Not as nice as the cottages but perfectly comfortable. We tried one a couple of years back and it was fine. See here

Horsemad Tue 12-Feb-13 20:36:06

Station House & Berwyn on the Hoseasons site are next to the railway. Haven't read previous suggestions, so apologies if I've duplicated with anyone!

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