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Bexhill-on-sea as holiday destination....?

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loopennyloo Fri 08-Feb-13 22:57:44

Thanks Gremlin, that's really helpful!

gremlindolphin Fri 08-Feb-13 22:53:44

I don't know the town well but I spend a day there with my girls last summer and we loved it! We took roller skates and they whizzed up and down the prom, we had the best fish and chips ever on the beach and then went swimming and had a seal swim past us - amazing! They are very keen to go back.

The De La Warr pavillion was great for a cup of tea and looked like it had lots of things on and has a water spout thing at the front that your 4 yr old would probably love.

You are not far from Battle which looks worth a visit and I am sure there are some cycle routes into the countryside etc.

loopennyloo Fri 08-Feb-13 22:08:08

Looking for a few days-possibly a week away over the Easter hols. Bit of a limited budget and what something fairly simple to 'get away from it all.' Have seen a flat right on the seafront in Bexhill (no road between house and beach) which looks quite good but not sure what the town is like etc. Have 3 boys 11, 9, 4 who I think would like pottering around on the beach but dh likes to get out walking and cycling in the countryside (we went to the new forest last year)- not sure if that would be an option...? We only live about an hour away in Kent so dont know if it would feel like a proper holiday ifyswim. I've only been once years ago so not sure what it's like now and cant remember what surrounding countryside is like.
Any Bexhill opinions gratefully received!

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