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Barge holiday - anyone been?

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IwishIwasmoreorganised Mon 28-Jan-13 14:33:25

Ah yes, other things to do in case of bad weather is probably worth thinking about.

Thanks for that.

mummymeister Mon 28-Jan-13 14:24:11

DH went around the canals around birmingham with a group of friends. he said it was good fun and v easy to organise and do. think it would be weather dependent though. the canal does go through the centre of birmingham so you can do other things like go to the science museum there, theatre etc.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Mon 28-Jan-13 12:33:50

I really fancy having a barge holiday - probably just a long weekend and was after some thoughts please!

DS's are 7.3 and 4.8 and we love in south east wales, so i was thinking that around Brecon might be good.

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