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Special hotel / b&b for 15th anniversary - home counties

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Fromheretomaternity Fri 25-Jan-13 23:19:11

DH and I have our 15th anniversary this year and we're planning a couple of child-free nights away. We need to be within 2-3 hours of London. We'd like something in a lovely small town or in the countryside, probably something small / personal rather than a big all-frills hotel, but nice and luxurious. Not fussed about things like spa facilities but would like to be able to have a good dinner in the evening.

Any ideas? Budget about £150 or so a night, maximum.

mummymeister Sun 27-Jan-13 00:54:10

Stayed in a fantastic hotel called Barnsley house in gloucs. real adult place to stay fantastic rooms, food and spa. expensive but really worth it and an absolute luxury stay.

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